Why start a blog and Benefits of Blogging

benefits-of-bloggingThere are many advantages and benefits of Blogging.  Many people plan to start blogging just because blogging is one of the best method of making money online. And after blogging for few days or month they realize that its not so easy job to make money blogging. But if you realize why to start a blog or how to start blogging and make real money online you will never quit. Apart from this making money from blogs, there are many other benefits of blogging.

The main reason on why start a blog depends depends on various factors like your interest, hobby, profession, business requirement,etc. based on this i have listed some main advantages and benefits of blogging.

Top 5 Benefits of Blogging

  1. As personal interest or Hobby: There are many blogger who just like to share knowledge as personal interest or hobby.  During leisure time these people write on various topics and share their experience on self blogs or contribute as guest blog on others website.
  2. Makes Money Blogging : This is yet another very important factor on why start a blog and most the blogger take up this job as a main profession. In my list of top adsense earners from India, i have shown how these proBlogger are making huge money by blogging.
  3. Improves your writing Skills: This point i would like to mention since it helps in our inter-personal skills. Today everybody is a writer, we all write on something somewhere. But when you start post blogs on web, you are aware how many people are going to view it, so you automatically start improving your writing skills, like your language and grammar so that its easily understandable to common man reading your post…:)
  4. Helps to become an Author: Once you start writing on some topic, means you have learned about that topic and have better authority on what you say. It help you to become an author.
  5. You can become famous : Once i start writing on some topic, people will expect more valuable contents from you. They will subscribe to your post. They will share your people on social media. You will become famous with your blogs.

These are some of the points which can benefit you being a blogger. Another point i would suggest it, its much more better if you have your own blogs. In my next blog i would like to share the advantages of having our own design blog.

Please suggest and comment you think there are some more advantages and benefits of blogging.