Watches that beg to differ!


 Watches have been around since centuries (Since 14 century to be precise!). They have evolved in form factors, design, functionality and what not. In lieu with the recent advents in the smartphone industry watches have evolved into a new avatar kindled ‘Smartwatch’. These watches were initially offered at a very affordable price by Chinese electronics manufacturers. Soon Samsung jumped into the band wagon with their Galaxy Gear. Sony followed the suit by introducing their Smartphone watch. Apple was rumored to launch its iwatch as a standard accessory for iPhone 5S. At the same time Consumers in India are embracing expensive smartphones like  iPhone 5S priced at 48,911, this buying trends suggest that the smart phone accessory market is going to boom exponentially.



Qualcomm has recently unveiled the TOQ smart watch which has a highly functional touch sensor. The TOQ has a Mirasol screen which remains on always unlike the Samsung Gear. TOQ lets users choose between the clock styles and also the theme. The Social Media integration is flawless with real time notifications popping up on the screen.

Qualcomm has developed an app which lets you to change the settings and also control the TOQ. The device also comes with optional Qualcomm headsets which are designed to sync with the TOQ. The battery lasts for 5 days. Drop the TOQ on the charging pad without the hassles of charging cables. It will be exciting to see how Smartwatch will fare in the market. The Quintessential question is how will the Smartwatch justify its utility, do users need a miniaturized home screen on their wrist helping them to glance at the watch instead of picking up their phones and having a glance.


Author Bio– Mahit Huilgol is a Mechanical engineering graduate and a gadget and technology aficionado. Until recently he worked with an MNC as an analyst and now he is part of the content team at – a buying decision platform for consumers.