Highest paying Keywords for Google Adsense

There are many webmasters using Google Adsense as their main source of income for their Online money making business. The best part about Google adsense is that its one of the best paying contextual ads network on the web. On the other hand its also one the most unreliable source since their terms and policy is very clear and strict. If you violate any of the policy, there are chances that you may get banned from Google adsense for lifetime. Also not to worry, for Banned Google Adsense account publishers, i will be coming up with my new post on “5 Things to do before submitting appeal form for Google Adsense

When we talk about the earning from Google adsense, there are lot of ways by which you can always try to increase your income from time to time by following simple tips and tricks about Google adsense.

  • The First and foremost thing is, you must be dam sure about the terms and policy of Google Adsense, because when you play tricks there are lots of people who may not be much happy with your trick.
  • So keeping in mind the policy of the Adsense, you can play around with your ads placement and the type of the ads to be displayed( text ads/images ads, both).  With this kind of experiment, you will be able to increase your click through ratio(CTR). While your CTR increase, your income automatically increases.
  • Another important factor is the type or category of Ads displayed on your website. You all might be knowing, Google Adsense shows ads based on Bid provided by the advertisers. Higher the bid, Higher is the payout per click.

As the above title says, here i am going to show you on how to find the top highest paying keywords for Google Adsense.  If we see the last one year record, the top Highest paying keywords for Google Adsense has not changed much. Only the bids for each keywords has changed.  In the present market condition, everyday we see new companies getting established. This in turn increases the competition and ultimately the competition on online advertising also increases. This results in higher bids for each keywords.

The keyword with the highest bid gets the top priority for display through Google Adsense network, and if these top highest paying keywords for Google Adsense ads are displayed on your website, obviously your income will also increase.

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How to find these top Highest paying keywords for Google Adsense for 2013?

There are various online keyword tools available which can help you find the top highest paying keywords for Google Adsense along with the estimated bid prices. As we discussed above, use of these highest paying keyword for Google Adsense in our content increase the possibility of getting ads which targets these similar ads. Google Adword provide one of the best adsense keyword tool which can help us to find these highest paying keywords for Google Adsense along with the bid prices.

The below steps can be follow to find the highest paying keywords for Google Adsense suitable to your niche website.

  • Login to Google Adword account and click on the option for Google adsense keyword tool or  simply click here. This link will redirect you to the Google Adword keyword planner tool
  • There are 2 option to find these top highest paying keywords for Google Adsense;
  1. You can use the website url and search for the relevant keywords, here the Adword keyword tool will display the keywords suitable to your website along with the price bid for each keyword.
  2. Another option is to use some relevant keywords suitable to your website. Adword tool will try to show all the keywords similar to your keywords. here you can do some sorting activities and get the top highest paying keywords for Google Adsense along with the bid price.
  • I will try to explain this with one simple example, lets assume the website for Mr. Pat Flynn. I have used his url as the website url for finding the highest paying keywords for Google Adsense suitable for his website smartpassiveincome.com. You can see the results as shown in the below print screen.  
  • The image shows that the highest bid is nearly 682INR i.e. nearly equal to $10. If we go through all the shown 160 keywords, for first 50 keywords, its more than $5 per keywords. Now if Mr. Pat Flynn concentrates mainly on the first 50 keywords only, his website will mainly show ads with these highest paying keywords for Google Adsense only.


From this we can see how we can try to find the highest paying keywords for Google Adsense suitable for any website and also increase Google Adsense earning.

As we all know, Google and Facebook are the top most trafficked website in the world and also both have their own ad network. Therefore considering these websites, i have tried to find the  highest paying keywords for Google Adsense and facebook as of now. The below image shows the keywords with their bid prices. Here the bid prices are in INR. For price in $, just consider the exchange rate of 1$ = 60INR. After the conversion you will be really stunned with their bid price.




This was the list for the Top Highest paying Keywords for Google Adsense for 2013. Using the above method you can check the highest paying keywords suitable to your website as well and give a boost to your Google Adsense earning.

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