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    This data is with reference to online sources and tools to calculate Adsense income based on the traffic and Alexa ranking. There might be some deviation in the from the given value, but more or less its near to that value only.

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      As i said above, This data is with reference to online sources and tools to calculate Adsense income based on the traffic and Alexa ranking. There might be some deviation in the given value, but more or less its near to that value only.

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  2. I think Mashable must be earning in millions (at least more than one million a month) Adsense is one of many different ways Pete CashMore has monetized his blog.
    If Google stops paying us in cents per click, we’ll not be as miserable 🙁

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      You have rightly said. I have visited their website for many times and each time i am there i see Adsense ads which are mainly with higher bid price. Also these guys have Premium Adsense account, this means they are able to negotiate the percentage of share from the Adsense earning.
      In all if you see, as per their page views for unique visitor, if they have only 1-2% CTR, than also their income will be atleast the above value..In my upcoming post i am going to write about the advantage of Premium Adsense account. Please stay tuned to know more about the advantage you get with Premium account.

  3. Inspiring income reports. By the way all these guys have completely different niches to another. I heard dating site ads have low CPC but plentyoff fish makes 3rd place?? really he has outstanding traffic with long duration stay on the site..

    1. Hi Ranga,

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      Just for your information…after your post, i tried to get the maximum bid available for dating sites at Google and the value which i got was nearly CPC:343(INR) means nearly 5$-6$ per click. This is the average bid for dating and singles related keywords.
      I hope now you can make out whether its possible to reach to that value or not with this much unique visitors per day..
      In my upcoming post i am going to write about the top paying keywords and topics for year 2014. Stay Tuned..:)

  4. I am just wondering if these guys are really making money with Adsense alone! If this is the case then a lot of bloggers and webmasters should start to reconsider their Adsense strategy. I am not doubting that these websites can earn so much per month but doing so with the Google Adsense ( I know of today) is like constant miracle!

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      1. POF has 10 billion pageviews a month+ while adsense is a small part of how we make money it still manages to make more than $650,000 a month.

        1. I am extremely happy to see you commenting here on my web site!!!

          The got to the above figure with some online traffic and revenue calculator tools. I am very happy that it manages to make nearly $650,000. I will try to cover this in more details in my coming blogs. Thanks for the correction!!!

  5. This definitely isn’t right. 5-8 years ago Markus Frind reported his earnings as being $10,000 a day – or $300,000 a month.

    POF.com is now many times bigger, with many more users. So $550,000 is way too low an estimate.

    Also these estimates don’t add up because they payout something like 1.5 billionUSD per quarter. Or 375000000 per month.

    If the top earner is only earning $650,000 – that means that there must be hundreds of thousands of people earning $50,000 a month.

    Its more likely that there are people earning $5,000,000 per month. E.g. Ehow.com and others.

  6. Google does not disclose who there top earnings are without there permission.

    Also, did you actually call up these 3 adsense earners and ask them what they make?

    Digital Point created there own ad network anyway’s.

    Really, people write about top adsense earners to try to get traffic.

    1. Hi Derek,

      You have rightly said. Google do not disclose the list of the top earners. The data which i have published is purely based on the average traffic their website receives on monthly basis.
      There might be deviation in their earning..

      And thanks for your comment!!!

    1. Hello Harpal,

      This data is purely based on the traffic which their website gets on an average on monthly basis based on the tools available for traffic and money revenue analysis.

      Nice to see you commenting here..
      See you again.

    1. Hi Adam,

      You have rightly said..the money can be really amazing..:)

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  7. thank you, i like your post.
    one question, i have website about celebs photos, i upload celebs recent photoshoot or events photos.
    taken from internet or different website. i have good followers and traffic too.
    but question is does Google absence allow these kind of photo blog or site, where photos taken from other site?
    please reply thank you.

  8. hy, i am chetan nagda and owner of working free tricks blog. my daily page view is approximately 8000-9000. but i have not earned handsome money and my ctr is 1-2%. please help me how to maximize page rpm , create ads style and who’s best place in google adsense ads.

  9. Your article is quite inspiring. These guys are really hardworking and know what thing will trigger the people and bring them to their website. I wish I would also be able to earn this much ever in my life.

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