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Who are the Top Adsense earners for Google Adsense India?

I have being using internet from very long time now. But the idea of Blogging and sharing knowledge starts only after reading the Bio of various authors around the world. Some of the top bloggers are really writing very well which helps lot of people to know many new things. Another very inspiring thing which we come to know about them is their earning. The question which comes to mind while reading their blogs is;

Who are the Top Adsense earners in India?

Who makes the most money from Google Adsense in India?

How much money does the Top Adsense earners in India earns?

Some of the top blogger and website owners are really making very handsome amount of money through it. As I explained in my previous blog about top 10 ways to make money online, Google Adsense is yet another way and high paying source of income if you have a good website with real content. But the main question which comes to mind, who are the Top Adsense earners in India? How much they earn from Google Adsense every month? Most of the blogger are highly dependent on Google Adsense for their heavy monthly cheque. Today I am going to talk about the Top Adsense earners in India.

The list for Top Adsense earners in India are as follows

Top Adsense earners in India  The 1st position for Top Adsense earners in India goes to Mr. Amit Agarwal of

Amit Agarwal is a personal technology columnist, author and founder of Digital Inspiration, a widely-read tech and how-to blog since 2004. He holds an engineering degree in Computer science from IIT and has previously worked for ADP Inc. for clients like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch before he started his journey for He is also a top ProBlogger from India.


Monthly Page views: Nearly 5 Mil/Month

Page Rank for website: 6/10

Alexa rank for website: 2664

Monthly Income from Google Adsense: $45,000 (INR 26, 67,150) approx/Month



The 2nd position for Top Adsense earners in India  goes to Mr. Harsh Agarwal of

Harsh Agrawal is a ProBlogger & Entrepreneur. Harsh runs a very successful blog ShoutMeLoud and also his personal website Denharsh which made him into one of the India’s leading blogger. ShoutMeLoud covers topics likes SEO, WordPress, Affiliate marketing, making money online and general tips to help bloggers.


Monthly Page views: Nearly 3.5 Mil/Month

Page Rank for website: 4/10

Alexa rank for website: 2866

Monthly Income from Google Adsense: $25,000 approx/Month


Jaspal Singh

The 3rd position for Top Adsense earners in India goes to Mr. Jaspal Singh of

Jaspal Singh, a mechanical engineer having expertise in designing and coding is the founder of Blogging site which topics ranging from Tech News, Internet Tips, Social Media and Design. He is also a ProBlogger of all the time.


Monthly Page views: Nearly 2.85 Mil/Month

Page Rank for website: 4/10

Alexa rank for website: 28786

Monthly Income from Google Adsense: $ 20,000approx/Month


raju-ppThe 4th position for Top Adsense earners in India goes to Mr. Raju PP of

Raju PP, an electronic engineering graduate from Bangalore is among the top blogger from Indian and the proud owner of the blogging website which was found nearly 6 years ago.


Monthly Page views: Nearly 1.5 Mil/Month

Page Rank for website: 4/10

Alexa rank for website: 24191

Monthly Income from Google Adsense: $ 18,000approx/Month


Arun Prabhudesai

The 5th position for Top Adsense earners in India goes to Mr. Arun Prabhudesai from

Arun Prabhudesai is the man behind one of the biggest Indian blog where we can find new business trends in India, entrepreneurship, and know how about start-ups. He started his blog in 2007 and named it


Monthly Page views: Nearly 1.2 Mil/Month

Page Rank for website: 5/10

Alexa rank for website: 16852

Monthly Income from Google Adsense: $ 10,000 approx/Month

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The above values are estimated by the traffic, Alexa ranking and other online tools available to check Google Adsense earnings. There might be some deviation in the above said values.

So these are some of the highest Google Adsense earners in India, in my next blog I am going to introduce you to the highest Adsense earners in the world. If you know any other person earning in the similar range, please leave your comment with their name and details, will try to cover them in my next blog on what top blogger do to earn money online.

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    1. Hi Harsh,

      Thanks for your update..but as i said in my above post, i come to that value by referring to the online data and tool available to calculate approximate Adsense value.
      Would like to cover your blogging journey along with your detailed earning in my upcoming post..:)


  1. Hey Dev,

    Excellent list. Do you know why I read such lists? It inspires me! 🙂

    Your list has done just that.

    Nice to see Harsh Agrawal correcting the figures here 🙂


    1. Adsense is the best method to earn money with your blogging skills. Students, single mom can earn part time money too. Nice to see highest earners of India.

  2. Hey, surprised, where is Mr.Agrawal of ClickIndia. Can you evaluate their traffic ? he also earns good money through adsense if I am not wrong..!

  3. This article is about to inspire everybody else. You did great work. Keep sharing like this.

  4. Harsh Agarwal earns only $800-$1000/month from AdSense (I have seen his update on his blog). Most of his earning comes from Services and affiliate marketing.
    Even my AdSense earning is more than two of them in the list (though my total earning is less than their total earning).

  5. You must add that these top earner or bloggers are earning with affiliate marketing rather than Google Adsense. You can make sure that they are earning from that adsense.

  6. Sir, this very good page for inspiration to earan more with Google Adsense. Would you like to tell me please sir, How I become a partner of google adsense publisher while my application disapprove.

    How I can resubmitting my application ?

  7. Never Thought Harsh Agarwal is earning this much monthly !!

    Its huge and i saw very less in his adsense reports which he places in his website (weekly)!!

  8. I am from the Philippines, but being impressed of my fellow bloggers from India that earned from Adsense…. I am a new blogger and new with adsense as well, I hope I can follow you as an earner.

  9. It’s not only the blogging, you can do many things according to your hobbies to make money out of it.

  10. What a great inspiration people, we all have to learn from them all i really respect all but speciall Amit sir he is my idol person.

  11. Hi Dev,

    Nice post but these all are highest earning bloggers from india and most of their income comes from affiliate marketing and display ads, they earn only 25-30 % from adsense of total earnings …

  12. This post is very interesting and also very inspirable for the new bloggers or for who want start blogging as career. India have good talent. I like this that you have collected so good information and provide to the reader.

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