Top 10 Social Bookmarking sites 2014


Social bookmarking sites are very important parameter for SEO of any website. Today i am going to share list of high Pagerank top 10 social Bookmarking sites 2014 which can really help you to get good quality backlink to your website.  Every time you add a bookmark to one of your pages in one of these sites you create a backlink. If you bookmark every piece of content you create in all of these sites you can create a lot backlinks over time. For best results, you must make sure that the social Bookmarking sites 2014 provide a real, do-follow link.

List of High PR Social bookmarking sites 2014

1. :  PageRank 9

2. :  PageRank 8

3. : PageRank 8

4. : PageRank 8

5. : PageRank 8

6. :  PageRank 8

7. :  PageRank 7

8. :  PageRank 7

9. :  PageRank 7

10. : PageRank 6

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With the increasing use of social media websites today, its necessary to include these social media sites to SEO activities as well. With the power of these social media website you can really get good high ranking in search engines and also good amount of organic traffic. If you are not using social media or social Bookmarking sites 2014 for your website then you are lacking some important part in SEO, SEO is the most essential cause to get more organic traffic from search engines and more important it can help you to promote your website in the top of search result of any search engine, Social Bookmarking sites 2014 become a very good source  to drag more traffic, increase your visitors and increase your earning from blogs and websites.

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Another important point of social Bookmarking sites is it can facilitate you to build high Pagerank backlinks, if you are newbie or pro-blogger then you should know about back links and you also know that how much difficult is to get high PR back links? There is only source is social media or social Bookmarking sites, If you are willing to handle these sites well then you can get high PR back links which can help you to improve your SEO and it will also help you to show your search result in the top of any search result, so I have tried here to list some High PR Social bookmarking sites 2014  for you for Link Building and more traffic.

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