How Social Bookmarking helps in SEO and Google Ranking

Social_BookmarkingSocial Bookmarking is a very important aspect while doing search engine optimization for online presence for any kind of website. The idea behind doing Social Bookmarking on popular social media websites is to increase the web traffic and generate an online stream of new readers and customers.

Social Bookmarking has become an area of concern while considering search engine optimization and link building campaign. But still Social Bookmarking websites like Delicious and Reddit can be used in very useful and powerful way for creating big source of traffic and contribute positively in your search engine campaign.

How Social Bookmarking Helps in SEO?

As we know, Social Bookmarking can be passed on to many social websites in a strategic way, they have much more potential to reach  wider audience and generate tremendous amount of traffic apart from other SEO and Marketing methods.

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Below I have listed some advantage on why Social Bookmarking SEO should be part of our Search engine optimization strategy.

1. Targeted and Niche Traffic : On most of the social media website, we have online communities where users of similar interest like to get engaged. Therefore depending upon our niche we can select the community and demographics. Social bookmarking in such social communities helps us to gain loyal reader and customers. People visiting your website through these social bookmarking will like to see what you want to say or what you want to offer them. Therefore we can say, social bookmarking on niche websites helps us to gain really useful and loyal readers and customers.

2. Helps in Fast indexing in Google: We are aware that indexing in Google can sometime take more than a day or even weeks depending upon the crawling frequency for your website. The popular social media websites are crawled very frequently. Therefore if we have a link posted on such frequently crawled social bookmarking websites, this is really going to help our website a lot for fast indexing by Google since our website link appears on many such social bookmarking websites.

3. DO-Follow links : Do-follow links plays very important role SEO and link building as it helps in passing some SEO power from the linking website. It is always believed that Do-Follow links still plays a very important role in SEO and we must make sure that our Social Bookmarking activities helps in gaining do-follow links.No-follow links can help in getting from traffic but it wont help in SEO much. There many Social Bookmarking website which allows to have do-follow links like Digg, Diigo, Scoop, etc.

4. Improve Page rank :It is believed that while considering the Google Page Rank, it takes into account the incoming links from reputed and High Domain authority pages. Therefore Social Bookmarking on such high domain authority social media websites will definitely help in improving the page rank for our websites and help in SEO.

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Social Bookmarking still has many advantage and if we focus some of your SEO efforts on to social bookmarking, we can see how our website improve in SEO and have better ranking within Google itself.

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