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eBay’s Top affiliate marketer Shawn Hogan just sentenced to five months in federal prison

As i had mentioned in my earlier blog, we must always have some ethic in doing online business as well. Because such business do not last for long time. And finally the day came for the Shawn Hogan, the CEO of the successful online marketing company Digital Point Solutions, was sentenced to five months in federal prison for his role in defrauding eBay of an alleged $28 million in online marketing fees.

Shawn Hogan_prison

Shawn Hogan just sentenced to five months in federal prison


As i had discuss on how Shawn Managed to make $28 Million in online marketing fee from eBay and also lots of money from Google Adsense program, finally Shawn Hogan was fired from the eBay Affiliate marketing program in year 2007.

Shawn Hogan must remain on three years’ probation after that, and was fined $25,000. Hogan will enter prison on July 14, according to federal court records. Hogan previously reached a civil settlement with eBay also.

The sentence brings to a close one of the strangest chapters in eBay’s history.

Affiliate marketers are people who drive traffic to eBay and take a cut when the traffic results in a sale. eBay had secretly cooperated with the FBI since June 2006 to root out affiliate marketers whose success was a bit too good to be true. eBay had even created an online sting operation, called “Trip Wire,” to monitor the traffic Hogan was sending.

In his defense, Hogan had alleged that eBay had known about how he developed traffic for the site for years, and even encouraged him to keep doing it. The company once wined and dined him at an expensive Las Vegas restaurant, and offered him credit for private jet flights, he has said. But no evidence of wrongdoing by any eBay employee was produced in the case.

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  1. Shawn is guilty, but eBay knew all these things and encouraged him to do so (at some point pressurized him to do more).
    May be change in leadership or strategy let eBay to take such action. I am not feeling sorry for Shawn, but eBay is equally responsible for this.

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