Blogging – Pros and cons for full-time blogging


Part Time or Full Time Blogging?

Blogging is pretty common. It involves creating website entries at set intervals. The most common are text entries that are known as posts, and the most common frequency is weekly. You can blog in your spare time and there may be money to be made. Full-time implies that blogging is your full-time job, and in truth, it is not worth your time because the pay is so low comparative to the massive amount of work you have to do. Still, if you are looking into being a full-time blogger, then here are the pros and cons.

Con – It means working on tens if not over one hundred blogs at a time

If you want to make money from writing paid reviews, selling links or through affiliate advertising, then you cannot rely on one blog because the money made from just one is paltry. You are going to need a lot of blogs so that each may make a little bit of money that you pool into a monthly wage. This is going to mean working on more than ten blogs at a time. It is probably going to mean working on more than fifty and most full-time bloggers need to maintain over 100 blogs at a time in order to make a living wage.

Pro – It beats working in a retail store with a power hungry manager

The easiest jobs to get are cleaning and retail jobs, and that is because they are not much fun and they are minimum wage jobs. Sitting at your computer 14 hours per day updating blogs is probably more fun than working as a cleaner or in retail. Your blogging job will be a lonely and reclusive one, but it may still be more fun than working a retail job.

Con – You have to put in 14 hours per day to earn a living wage

Lots of blogs to maintain means lots of work. If you have fifty blogs then that is fifty articles per week. That is only 10 per working day (Mon to Fri), but then you also have to take care of blog security, promotion, comments, and make sure that your income streams are clear. It is over 14 hours per working day, and you will often find yourself behind and having to work your weekends.

Pro – You save money working and home

You do not have to commute to work, you do not have to pay for the staff potluck, and you don’t have to buy your dinner in the canteen. You can also portion part of your household bills into your tax bill. You will be earning a far lower wage than if you had a real job, but some of the savings you make may help to make up for that.

Con – A systematic mistake can lead to your business being ruined

This is more commonly seen when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A person may make the same mistake on all their blogs. This results in all the blogs being ranked lower on the Google search engine results pages, which is often disastrous for the poor blogger. The same is true if a blogger uses the same host for all of his or her blogs, or if a certain theme is used repeatedly and interest in the theme is lost suddenly.

Pro – You have control over what goes online

Your do have some influence over what becomes of your small space on the Internet. You get to choose what you write about unless you are writing paid articles or reviews. It does allow you to leave an albeit temporary mark on the Internet, and you may well influence people with what you write.

Con – Get yourself banned from an affiliate program and you may be ruined

If you are making money from a specific affiliate network and you are banned, then it could be the end of your blogging career as you suddenly lose your income. You may be banned for hundreds of reasons, such as if you keep producing copied content, or even if you are hacked and the hacker does something against the terms of service.

Pro – You may be able to charge people for links from your blog

There are few ways to make money blogging, but the easiest way to make money is to sell links. Obviously, you cannot let Google know you are doing this, so you cannot advertise it on your blogs or their associated social media profiles, but if you find a way of advertising your link-selling scheme then it is very easy money because all you have to do is add a link to your blog posts.

Con – You alone will not be able to police your numerous blogs

You are going to have spammers, trolls, negative comments, people plagiarizing your content and much, much more. You alone cannot control this and so are simply going to have to absorb the negative consequences. If you try to police your blogs rigidly, then you will waste a lot of time that you could have spent improving the security, writing posts or promoting your blogs.