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In search engine optimization, there are 2 most important factors – On-page SEO and OFF page SEO. On page SEO is related with the initial analysis and blog optimization before we submit the blog as live. Just to say, i give my 100% to follow the Best On-page SEO tips. The advantage of these best on-page SEO practice is the natural traffic which comes to our blog post. Lets us check how to do ON PAGE SEO for natural traffic to our blogs and website. Natural traffic is always useful since it give many time more earning than any other ways.

How to do On Page SEO Tips for traffic_On-page SEO

Best On Page SEO Tips

Step 1: Get the best keywords for your blog

Keywords are like pillars or cornerstone for your blog. It is one of the top most factor while doing ON Page SEO. Keywords plays a very crucial point of any SEO campaign. They are the material on which the SEO works with. Right keywords are like the right ingredient without which a food cannot be prepared. You cannot make an apple pie with any fruit, you have to select the right fruit to get the correct dish. Similarly, an SEO cannot make a website to succeed with wrong keywords. Get the best keywords, and your half work is completed.

While selecting the keywords, the possibility of conversion is more with long tail or key-phrases. The search volume might be low, but it ranks much faster and easily converts since potential customers always use targeted and specific key-phrases to find their desired service. For example, “make money with Adsense on blogs” is more specific than just ” Make money with Adsense”.

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Step 2: Make eye catching title tags and Meta description

We have seen that eye catching title tags have more chances of getting visitors through search engines. These title create the curiosity among the users to check inside the blog content. Some of the most widely used words to make it eye catchy are  – Top tips, disclosed, revealed, is it spam?, how to, why, discovered, mystery  solved, etc. Now it depends upon the type of post you are working on. Meta description is equally important like the title tag when talking about best on page SEO tips and tricks. You may have seen, while your the pages are displayed in search engines, its only the title tag and meta description which increase the chances of getting more click on your link. make sure your Title Tag and Meta Description includes the main keyword which is very important part of on page SEO strategy.

Step 3: Enter enough words to fulfill the hunger of the reader

It is believed that Google loves to rank blogs with quality contents and in-depth informational post. The average size of a post must be atleast 500-750 words. I have seen that most of the top ranking posts in Google have more than 1500 words many times. This shows that Google loves blogs which devote more time in creating quality and in dept contents. While creating the content, please user have included your main keyword along with other related long tail keywords.

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Step 4: Include images with alt tag

The post must have atleast one image which has the alt tag set with our main targeted keyword. I have few of my post getting good amount of organic traffic though images in the posting. The images also get indexed and ranked in the search engines. It is necessary that we set the images properly will all the necessary alt tags, image description. The alt tag will be set of keyword which we are targeting for the blog post.

Step 5: Title H1 and content font setting

Make sure to set the title of the post in H1 tag, and it must include the main keyword. You can use other sub headings in H2, H3 and H4 tags. Try to include the selected keywords in these titles as well. While creating the content, we must make the keywords as bold, underlined or italic. Try to keep the targeted keywords look different from your usual font.

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Step 6: Interlinking to other article

You can follow this step to increase your page views. This is also very important point from On page SEO point of view, since through these internal links the Google crawler gets more pages to craw on your website. It becomes more easier for the crawler to travel through your blog and pages. More the crawler stays on your post, more indexing you get for your pages.

Step 7: Utilizing the power of social media

Once i am done with article posting,  i always like to share it in social media sites and most importantly on Google plus network. It helps in faster indexing for the newly posted articles. More the social signal you get for the blogs, better it ranks in the search engines.

These are some of the best on-page SEO tips on how to do on page SEO for better ranking and get natural traffic for your bogs and website.

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