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Money Making WebsitesMaking money online is one of the hottest topic on the internet today. As the use of internet is increasing, the awareness about making money online has also become very common. But the most difficult part is only few are able to find the best option or solution on how to make money online easily with fool proof system. Having online presence through website is one of those great idea and can be helpful in this mission of making money online.“Below post will help you to get full knowledge about starting your money making websites, try to gain and work as maximum as you can if you really wish for good results”

How to build money making websites?

What is a Niche Blog websites? How to create Niche Blogs?

This is the most common question from most of the newbies. Today there are tens of thousands of websites which are making huge money on the web. So today we will be discussing on how to build real money making websites. Building money making websites is not as difficult as it seems from from outside. Here we will discuss the steps that will help in creating the money making websites.

Step 1 – List out the ideas which you know better and comfortable to work with

This is the first step in starting with your money making websites process. You have to work out on your plus points. I means the ideas which you think will work better for you and you are more comfortable to work with. If you are good at writing wonderful contents and knowledge sharing about any topics, just write it down in your list. It can be writing about your travels, software, cooking, medicine, reviews, products,etc. Among all the topics in the list you should finalize 1-2 topics which you can take up well. So our Money making websites with be based on this selected topic. Once the topic is finalized, than comes the second step.

Step 2 – Selecting the website type, domain name and hosting server

There are 2 types of websites available, i.e. free websites and another one is self hosted websites. Free websites are provided by blog networks like blogger, etc. But there many limitation on these free websites. The worst part is, you cannot make real money with free websites.

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I order to make real money you need to have your own website. For that you need to check for available domain name and hosting server suitable to your niche category. The cost for Domain name is ZERO for 1st year if you buy it along with hosting and hosting will cost you around $4.95/month.Please check the below banner from If you check the total cost per month, its even less than a movie ticket. Here i would recommend to go for Bluehost Hosting plan, since i am also using their same plan from last 5 years and its really awesome and for wordpress websites its highly recommended. For more details you can check my article on Best wordpress hosting – 1 click install.

Step 3 – Installing the WordPress Application on your website

Most of the money making websites and blogs run on wordpress application. The advantage of using the wordpress is its simplicity, design, interface and search engine friendly. Once your Hosting server is ready, you need to login to your cPanel at Bluehost server. After login to your cPanel, you get an option to install wordpress on your website. You just need to click on the install wordpress tab and system will do all the rest of its own. Just follow the below image for installation help.

Selecting the wordpress icon at cPanel window
Filling the Blog website details

Website is ready with basic wordpress installation. The login details will be send on your registered email id. Now comes the time to make it ready from theme and plugins.

Step 4 – Installing the theme important plugins and widgets

Initially its better to go with free wordpress themes. At later stage if you feel like changing, you can switch to premium themes which are mostly paid themes. But Premium themes have their added advantage when it comes to free themes. Check out some wonderful Premium themes to match your website. Once the theme is ready, we need to go to the widget setting and set the widgets as required on our website.

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Once the theme is ready, time comes for the plugin installation. There are few plugin which are really necessary for any blog. These Plugins help to make your website search engine friendly as well protects from security threats as well. So the lost of plugin to be installed are;

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • Google XML Sitemap
  • W3 tool Cache
  • Subscribe2
  • Akismet
  • Contact Form 7
  • Dig Dig social plugin

These are some of the most important plugin required on day to day basis for all blogs. Once the plugin is installed, we might need to work with menu options as well to set the top menu bar as per the requirement.

Step 5 – Content creation and Blog Posting

As per the latest Google updates, content is the king of any website. So if you really think of money making websites, you must try to put as much as quality content on your website. As we discussed in step 1, the contents will be based on the topics which we had finalized. The contents should not be copied and must be 100% original. Google loves to drive massive traffic to original and real content websites. We must ensure that the contents which we post are well researched and formatted with right set of keywords. For finding the right set of keywords, please use recommended keyword research tools like Long tail pro or other freely available Keyword research tools.

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Step 6 – Add revenue generating resource to your Money making websites

This is the most important topic, since our primary strategy is to gain revenue. But on the contrary, it we are able to complete the above step 5 perfectly, the money will start coming passively into your account. Just our job is to get the right money making strategy in plan.

As we discussed above, Google Adsense is the best income source for a new website. But their terms and policy are very stringent, so better we plan for other back revenue plans as well along with Google Adsense. Once our website is ready with good amount of content on it, we can proceed with applying for the Google Adsense account.

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Another best stream of income can be through Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing means selling other sellers product which is not developed by you. You help in selling their product and in return you get good share of income from their sale price. Clickbank and Commission junction are the top affiliate platform where you can find tons of product to promote. As you can see on this website, Affiliate Marketing is one of my highest income generating resource websites along with Adsense.

To start with your money making websites, i would suggest you to follow the above steps strictly. Starting the websites is the only bit difficult task, but if the above 6 steps followed sincerely, you are definitely going to make to the top list of earners in the world like these guys are making. Top Adsense earners in the world.

I would be glad to help you in starting with your money making websites. If you find any difficulty or query please add in the below comment section. Also don’t forget to share this post on Google plus and Facebook so we are able to help other internet users as well looking for money making ideas.