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Guest Blogging websites list with high PageRank


Top 10 High PageRank Guest Blogging websites

There are many advantages of guest blogging. In SERP, we all know how important guest blogs are and how it can help to grown our business in many ways.  Here i am going to share the list of top 10 high Pagerank guest blogging websites which accepts guest post and publish if your blog is in accordance with their terms and policy.  High Google Pagerank always plays a very important role for any website. There many websites which really understand the importance of guest posting and help fellow bloggers, eventually they also get new blogs for their website.

Some of the major 5 advantages of guest blogging are listed below

  • Getting Quality Backlinks
  • Driving quality Traffic to your website
  • Be popular – helps to get Recognition
  • Promotion of your website on social media and other websites
  • Advertising and leads conversion – In case you get opportunity to advertise your link
  • If your blog is effective, you may get call for sponsored postings as well…:)

The list of top 10 High Pagerank Guest blogging websites for 2014

  1.   –   Pagerank 7/10 : This is one of the best guest blogging website among the top 10 High PageRank Guest Blogging websites which accepts blogs for free. You have to follow the terms and condition of guesting on their website
  2.   –     Pagerank 7/10 : This is yet another guest blog website among the top 10 High PageRank Guest Blogging websites with higher Pagerank. The website is most suitable for blog with Category Web Apps, Web Technology Trends, Social Networking and Social Media and other similar topics.
  3.  – Pagerank 7/10 : This website has a pagerank of 7 and accepts guest blogs with category coding ( CSS, HTML, Java and other techniques), website designing, Mobiles and smart phones, Tablets and iPads, Androids and Apps, Graphics and Gaming, WordPress and Blogging Tips.
  4. CopyBlogger.comPagerank 7/10 : This is also High Page rank blogging website which is mainly working for content marketing.
  5. Searchenginejournal.comPagerank 6/10 : This website allow its users to post blogs on various topics like News updates, SEO tips, Content marketing, Blogging tips, Tools and software, Social Media and many other related topics.
  6.  –  Pagerank 6/10 : Almost all the blogger are well aware about this website. This is one of the best guest blogging platform the among the top 10 High PageRank Guest Blogging websites. There are many categories available for blogging in this website. This website will help you to get connected with many other proBlogger active on many other websites as well. This is one of the best in top 10 High PageRank Guest Blogging websites listed here.
  7.    Pagerank 6/10 : This website belong the top ProBlogger from India Mr. Amit Aggarwal. He is also one of the top adsense earner from india. He is passionate about blogging and blogs on various topics like “How to” blogs guides, tips on technology, google adsense tips, internet, reviews and many other blogging tips.
  8.  – Pagerank 5/10 : This is yet another website  among the top 10 High PageRank Guest Blogging websites. This blog website mainly deals with tips and ticks on Blogging, Blog design, free wordpress blogs, WordPress and blogger theme and many other topics related to Blogging.
  9.  –  Pagerank 6/10 : This website is good for bloggers looking for blogs on topics like Food, Health, family, Love and sex, Work, life, News and Politics, entertainment, Blog tips and Social media.
  10.  –  Pagerank 5/10 : This website is more suitable for blogger writing on finance, leadership, motivation, inspiration, team development, food and beverages, education and study and social media.

This was the list for top 10 High PageRank Guest Blogging websites which can help to improve your website ranking and also help to gain the advantages of guest blogging as discussed above.

I hope this post is helpful to all blogger and SEO experts looking for Guest blogging websites. If you like this post, do help to share on social media and other platform. If you know or using other guest blogging websites which can be helpful to others, do mention it in the comment section below.


  1. I would like to know if you have any education websites that are looking for guest blogger or interview

  2. Good article, very useful information for our online magazine. What do you think about SEO in regards to guest-blogging? We are planning to use this to promote our magazine. Do think that guest-blogging is dead?


  3. Really awesome list and all the mentioned blogs are really informative. You made it more easy and clear by categorizing them according to their niche, this will be very useful. Thanks for this wonderful post

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