Keyword tool to find the best keywords for your blog

Keywords play a very important role in ranking for any blog. The content which has well researched keywords using the best keyword research tool, rank higher for many keywords and phrases and has better conversion ratio. therefore it is always suggested to have good research about the keywords with good keyword research tools before starting with your blog content.

Keyword Tool_Research software

If we check the keyword patterns used in Google search, you will find mainly 3 types of phrases. They are short tail keywords , medium tail keywords and long tail keywords. Just to give you an example, i have tried to find keyword used for “making money”

  • Short tail: Making money
  • Medium tail: Making money online
  • Long Tail : Making money online using Google Adsense

I hope from the above example it is clear about the keyword types used while performing the search. let us assume, if we are performing the search in Google search engine, we would always like to search for specific topic only.  So the most preferred option would be to check the last result with long tail keyword since it provide the most relevant information.

Why to use long tail keywords in content marketing?

  • As we have seen in the above set of keywords, the long tail keywords are mostly used to search for specific topic and since it provides the most relevant information.
  • It has more changes for sales conversion since it gives targeted traffic.
  • Long tail keywords are easy to rank in search engines with less efforts.

Keyword tool to find long tail keywords for content marketing

There are many keyword tool available in the market today. But i always prefer the best one. Here best keyword tool means, easy to use, good set of results and less time consuming.

In last 4 years, most of the time i used free keyword tool like Google keyword planner. As per my experience with Google keyword planner, its good for initial research fro the keyword. Its give good information about the keyword search volume and pricing with competitiveness. But when it comes to ranking for that keywords, it becomes quite difficult to understand the things. And unless we are able to rank the keywords, we cannot get results from that pages.

How Long Tail Pro keyword tool give awesome result and profits

Long tail Pro is one of the best keyword tool find on the web today. why it is the best keyword tool? will see here in details.

Long tail Pro is a powerful keyword tool developed by Spencer Haws to boost keyword searches and help online businesses to find targeted keywords and create online campaigns. This keyword tool helps to generate bunch of unique keywords in seconds.  Long Tail pro software allows to generate more than 800 keywords using the data from Google keyword tool. Once you have downloaded the software, it takes a quick five minute setup to get the software ready to work.

The key benefits of Long Tail Pro Software

  • Find out the long tail keywords than can be generated from the seed keyword or the selected phrase.
  • We can compare the results in terms of average CPC, volume of local searches, level of competition(high, medium or low)
  • You can analyse the competitor website for any keyword using the Competitor analysis module.

Once you have finalized with the keywords after deep research, you can use the competitor research module which will help you get on the top of the search engine. This module helps to analyse the top 10 results for any given keyword. The output is very comprehensive and provides data like – Page Authority, Domain Age, Page Rank, Backlinks, etc. These data help us to calculate the efforts we need to rank higher for that keyword.

I am using this tool and always like to recommend this to my you since it really delivers what it promises. You can visit the official page for this keyword software tool using my below affiliate link or the banner. It comes with an excellent 60 days  money back guarantee. Click the image below to watch more videos regarding this impressive tool.


The Best part of this keyword tool is, I am able to find the right keywords with their exact set of information like search volume, CPC, Competitiveness and the possibility of ranking higher for that keyword. The last part makes it the best for me. I was able to make on the first page of Google using this Keyword software.