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Do you know how to increase traffic to older blogs with less traffic?

increase traffic to blogs

Most of my subscribers always keep me asking how to increase traffic to blogs that are posted long back or months old. I have tried this tricks for many of my older post and have succeeded to increase traffic to blogs that were performing little bit before. Today i am going to share this and i am sure this is going to help my blogger friends as well. The steps are pretty simple and easy. You just have to play around with your webmaster account and Google analytic account.

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For one of my client’s website, the traffic was really below the margin. He had choose good set of keywords. But you know the issue was with the right selection, placement and other aspects of SEO due to which his blog was not able to drive the traffic. Here i am going to explain how exactly i helped him to increase traffic to blogs which were on his top 25 list .

The first part to increase traffic to blogs  would be to have access to webmaster and Google Analytic account used for that particular website.

Steps to increase traffic to Blogs and Websites

  1. Login to the Google Analytic account.
  2. Check the top performing pages on the website. I would suggest to take the top first url.
  3. You can check in the option “Acquisition–> campaign–>Keywords –> Organic. here you will get the top performing pages.
  4. Click on the landing page option. It will give you the top url which receives the most of the traffics.
  5. Click on the top 1st url. Once you are inside, you can check the no. of visits you get on that url.
  6. Now from the ‘others’ option, you can get the top keywords through which users are landing on the webpage.
  7. Here i would suggest you to take the top 3 keywords.
  8. Login to your old blog. Just do some re-editing for your old blogs with this top 3 keywords.
  9. I am damn sure, once you are done with the new keyword optimization, there is really going to be increase in traffic to your old blogs.
  10. This same trick can be repeated for the other blogs as well. Just make sure you take the right keywords as per the results shown in Google analytic account.

Using this technique, i have help my client improve traffic for his top 25 urls. For most of the pages, the traffic went from few visits to 100s visits per day. I was able to increase traffic to blogs website from nearly 3K to 30K within a month time with this trick. It all depends on the target keywords and search volume for that keywords. So i would suggest better to have good research before selecting your target keywords as well for your blogs.

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