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5 Tips on How to Blog and Improve your Blog Ranking in Search Engines

I am back with my another very useful aspect of how to blog and how to make your blog rank better in search engines. In today’s world finding presence on the internet is becoming a bit difficult with every passing second. You will see how Blogs are cropping up in prolific numbers every day and hence finding an audience for your voice on the internet has become a difficult job even for the professionals in the field.

Even then, one finds that certain blogs get unadulterated attention while many others go without even winning a glimpse. One wonders as to how such blogs find audience and what is required to be done in order to ensure desirable ranking for your blog on the search engines. After lots of study and analysis, I have figure out some 5 very essential tips which if followed sincerely, will surely help your blog a lot for reaching the top ranking in the search engines.

Five Tips on How to Blog


How to Blog

The first and foremost thing to do is to gauge on various aspects of how to blog. Mostly, people spend hours in presenting content which attracts the attention of the prospective readers for the first few times. One needs to understand that catching attention is just the beginning of the task which is completed only by the endeavour to keep this attention from the readers intact.

This can be done by being consistent with some specific niche and really great content blog. Hence, one should choose such topics which have longevity like cooking tips, baby care, etc; rather than going for topics which are bound to become obsolete sooner than later.

Blog Ranking

Blog Ranking

The second tip in how to blog is to fulfill for higher blog ranking and try to generate some anticipation among the readers. This can be done by making them expect something in near future. For example, presenting your information in a gradual manner, that is, episodic manner will always keep your readers glued to your writings for further information.

You can have the plugin to signup for an email subscription so that you can get the users back again and again with every new blog posting. This will also help you to develop a database of all the users who like to visit your website again and again for similar niche blogs.


Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

The third tip for how to blog more effectively is to bring in guest bloggers. I have come across many forum and blogs where users are really trying to provide some very useful information or data or other forum threads or blogs. The best part of such forums and guest commenting is the link sharing option which you get to your blog or the website.

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This really helps a lot in increasing the traffic and search ranking for your blog since this backlink is normally do-follow links from High page rank website. Such situations can be handled by providing guest bloggers, especially from professionals concerned with the field from which your topic has been drawn.

This helps in keeping the attention of the readers intact. On some website, I have seen bloggers giving the special offer for guest bloggers. You can check out some of the websites where you can find a page where they offer their website for your guest blog limited outgoing links to your website.

Interactive Blog

Interactive Blog

The fourth tip to follow in order to make your Blogging endeavor a hit among your readers is to make your blogs interactive. Coaxing the readers to share information or indulge in sharing experience or how much they have learned helps in taking the rapport with your readers to an entirely new level.

Socializing your Blog

Socializing your Blog 

Blog Meme, that is, quiz and survey in the blog domain is an effective way of doing so. The final tip to improve blog ranking is to harness the potential of social networking. Commenting should be done in such a manner that it reflects the needs of your readers as to what they wish to listen or what answers they are searching for.

Taking care of these five tips would ensure that the ranking of your blog on search engines takes a leap to take its presence to desired levels. Following the above tips on how to blog will allow you to get more visitors from time to time. And as you grow and write more post, you will see people connecting to your blog. If you have any more tips on how to blog and improving the search ranking for your blogs, do share them in the comments section below.


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