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Phone Cleaning – How to clean your Smartphone more effectively


Smartphones are getting more and more popular in the interconnected world we live in. They allow us to always be connected to the people we love, and even more so to the Internet (and we all know that’s our true love). Smartphones are getting bigger, faster, with an extended battery life and more affordable, so today more than half the people in developed countries have at least one smartphone. The problem is that most people don’t know how to properly maintain their phones, though, which means that most smartphones are not really in the best condition (unless they’re new). So if you want to be the exception to the rule, I can teach you how to properly clean and maintain your phone.    Well, I can’t really teach you, but I can tell you what to do in the hopes that you will be able to teach yourself.

Tools you will need for cleaning your smartphone

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning your smartphone the right way isn’t as simple as just wiping the display with a paper towel or an old rag. First of all, old rags and paper towels usually tend to scratch the display and leave marks. That’s not what you’re aiming for when you start cleaning your phone, now, is it? Avoid using such basic and ineffective tools.

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What you need is a microfiber towel. Microfiber towels can be used to clean anything – from your car to your windows, from your kitchen to your touchscreen display. They spare delicate surfaces and don’t leave any marks or strokes. They are especially effective at cleaning due to their structure. The special fibers can help you get rid of smudges and fingerprints on your display without making an extra mess. Aside from leaving strokes and scratches, normal towels don’t really get rid of the dirt, stain or smudge, but rather they just spread, essentially making matters worse. That’s why you need a microfiber towel to make sure that doesn’t happen.

As for a cleaning solution, some people have managed to damage their phones by using window cleaning solution. Their logic is that since window cleaning solutions are used for glass, they would work the same way on a display. Please, don’t do that or you will probably break your phone. This is not something you should be using lightly. Window cleaning substances contain active chemicals that can easily damage your phone. Avoid them at all costs. If you’re not sure about the effects of a chemical on your display, check it out online.

Instead, there are special solutions for LCD displays. They can be used to clean your smartphone screen, your TV, your monitor, your tablet, and your laptop display without the risk of damage. These solutions don’t have active ingredients that may harm your devices. Make sure that you never spray directly on the device, though. Even though the risk of damage is much lower when you use a specialized product, it’s still there if you spray your phone. Instead, spray the microfiber towel and then clean the device with slow, circular motions. Use the other side of the towel to dry out the phone and you should be fine.

Something worth noting

This is not essential, but it’s recommended for extra safety and better results. Switch off your device before you start cleaning it. This way you most certainly will not damage it, and you will be able clean it much better. You will be able to see all the smudges and fingerprints you wish to remove. Also, never clean your device under direct sunlight. Sunlight might cause the solution to evaporate quickly and thus leave a trail. If you do all I’ve talked about, you should be able to clean your phone to perfection without the risk of damaging it. Good luck!

Author Bio: Rose is passionate about technologies and cleaning related topics. She works as a manager at Domestic Clean London and loves to write for her readers.