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So you are planning to start your own fashion blog, make it really fabulous and famous? If you looking for fashion blogging, you have come to the right place. Here we are going to see how to start a fashion blog easily and make it fabulous. Fashion blog, fashion related topics and websites are gaining good reach now a days due to the tremendously increasing web users from few years. There are many fashion blogs in the web, so if you want to be on top of it, you should know the right way on how to start fashion correctly and later take it on top with promotion and advertisements.

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There are mainly 3 things on how to start a fashion blog

  • Developing the Fashion idea or the theme
  • Launching the domain and hosting
  • Promoting your fashion blog for big success

So let start with the first topic for developing Fashion idea and fashion theme

Developing the Fashion Blog Idea

While you look on how to start your fashion blog, you need to work out the fashion blog idea first. When i say idea, it means we need to keep our blog on top from rest of the fashion bloggers. They have implemented some nice idea that make them get good viewers and subscribers. So we need to make clear plan about the aspect or the elements of the fashion which we need to target. Since the fashion industry is very large, it would better we target selected niche from the fashion industry. We need to learn about the aspect and know each and every thing about it. For example, we can go for teens fashion product, ladies products, men fashion products, babies or children products, etc.

Once we are done with finalizing the niche, next step would be choose the blog name or the fashion website name. Its always better to have short and interesting name, this will make it easy for users to remember your blog name.

Launching the Fashion Blog Domain and Hosting

This is quit important point while starting with fashion blog. Domain are should match your blog name. Good and interesting names make good impact on the viewers. I have myself noticed many times that, just by seeing the websites, we get the curiosity to check the website or the blog.

Another important point is about the Besting hosting plan for fashion Blog. Here i would suggest you to get your own domain name and get it hosted on best blog hosting site for wordpress. Here i am stressing more on the best hosting plan from wordpress since, it is being already used by millions of users around the globe. And i am too using the same Hosting plan for my own blog here. If you choose with Bluehost hosting, you get a free domain name with it.

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Once you have the Domain name and Hosting setup done. You can start with your installing your blog setup. As i said above, i would recommend to go for WordPress for your fashion blog website. WordPress is the most widely used blogging platform around the world. And Bluehost hosting offers the 1 click install for the wordpress.

Once you have the wordpress setup ready, you can look for the free or the paid themes available fro your fashion blog. There are also many paid themes also available. Depending upon your budget, you can go the suitable theme for your fashion blog. Just make sure, the theme is user friendly, easy to navigate, fabulous look and SEO optimized.

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Promoting Your Blog for Big Success

This is yet another important parameter when you look for how to start a fashion blog. The first and foremost thing is to make your website or blog SEO friendly. Get the SEO plugin installed. Check for any errors related to your theme. Second would to get the on-page SEO parameters properly optimized. Once the on-page SEO is properly done, we need to plan for the off-page SEO activities. Off page seo activities mainly consist of building high quality back links to your site. Some of the back link creation activities includes submitting our website data on other websites through the following activities.

  • Need to promote our websites on other websites,
  • Online forums,
  • social media sites,
  • press release sites,
  • article distribution,
  • blog submission sites,
  • search engines,
  • Video submission sites
  • PDF and document sharing sites

And many other similar related websites for SEO link building.

The other way to attract traffic to your Fashion Blog would be through paid advertisements. But i would suggest to go for this if you really have good financial position. The paid services available to get visitor to your websites are Google Adword campaign, Facebook ads, Bing ads and yahoo ads. These are some of the ad platforms which offer advertisement based on your daily budget. These were some of the ways buy which you can gain traffic to your fashion blog.

If you like to add some points or suggestion which can help on how to start with fashion blog, please share in the below comment section. If will help the fashion blog community to get more ideas about this business.


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