How to increase Google Maps ranking easily

In the last article we have seen how do i get my business on google maps. Adding business to google maps is very useful for local business listing. Once we have our website in the top position on google maps, this is going to be very helpful to get business locally. Recently i had added some business to google maps for my local SEO customers and was able to get them on top 3 position for all of their selected keywords. Adding the business to google maps and top ranking in google maps helped to increase the call and leads by almost 50%. The tips that helped to increase google maps ranking were very easy and simple as mentioned in the below post.

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how to increase google maps ranking easily

Steps that helped me to increase the google maps ranking

  • Title and Description : While writing the title and description about your business and company, make sure the title contains your main keyword that you wish to target more. The description part will also have the keywords along with detailed explanation about your business. Make sure you make the description part attractive and convertible or atleast customer must try to contact you after reading your description. Title and Description plays very important role to increase google maps ranking. And top ranking in google maps means more leads.
  • Correct Address and Contact: Make sure you have all the details about your address and contact number verified by google. This step is not so important for your ranking, but is very much important for getting the leads and call from the customer. Incomplete or short address may confuse the customer or he may not build the confidence in your company if it is not 100% clear. So i would recommend to make sure you have correct address and contact details. In some way it will help to increase google maps ranking and calls.
  • Submission in Local Business Directories : Once your business is added to google maps, make sure your business is also listed in local business directory or free web directory submission sites. The logic is very simple, google knows that you have submitted your business for local maps listing, and if your business is also present with the same address and details in local business directories it will help to increase the faith and authority for your business in google eyes. This in turn helps to increase google maps ranking for your business in google maps listing.
  • Add Google Maps to website contact page: Once you have the business added in google maps, the next step must be to add this same address with map to your website contact page. Adding maps to website contact page make google understand about the correctness of your address with respect to your website as well. This will surely help to increase google maps ranking.
  • Distribute google maps listing on classified sites: Distributing google map listing on classified sites or free web directories is like creating a backlinks for your google maps listing. This backlinks are very much useful since it comes from the local business directories and classified sites locally. You can also follow other ways of creating backlinks like submitting your google maps listing on high authority sites for backlinks. This is another important step to increase google maps ranking easily.
  • Genuine Customer reviews: Get your customer give you 100% and real review on your google maps or google plus page which is linked to this listing. Customer review with positive feedback makes google understand about the quality of service you offer. More the positive reviews, higher will be the ranking. We cannot predict the exact number of reviews, but more the review better is the result. Make your customer to post positive review with high rating. This will help to increase google maps ranking.

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These are few of the steps which helped me to increase the google maps ranking for many of my SEO customers and also to my own service related website where i offer various services on making money online, Google Adsense, SEO, SMO, Website designing and development and other relate services. I hope the above article is going to be be helpful if you wish to increase google maps ranking and increase customer and sales.

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