How to create a Niche website for making money online

Creating a niche website is very easy job with few very important steps. If you follow the steps correctly, you can get very good amount of traffic as well as earn money online easily. The most question asked for most of blogger is “how to create a niche website and make money easily”. So i just though of sharing few of my experience about my niche website which helps me to make over 500 dollars each month.

What is a Niche website?

How to create a niche website for online moneyNiche website are websites or blog targeted to specific category only. There are number of topics on the web people are looking for help or any other support. You can choose any of these topic and start your website or blog. These specific category blogs are known as niche blogs. There are many such niche blogs available on the web. You can try to search any of these niche blogs. For example, mobiles and smartphone is one of these niche. there are many other similar ones like technology, gadgets, health and life, family, entertainment, movies, music, etc. If you want to dig more into the niche, you can further find micro niche blogs. These blogs would be more specific to sub topics within one category. For example, iphone 6 is micro niche topic in smartphone. There are people making thousands of dollar from such micro niche blogs and website. I remember one of my friend making approx. 1500$ monthly from iphone 6 micro niche blog.

How to choose a topic for a niche website or blog?

Here i would say, it all depends upon your knowledge base. Everyone is expert or atleast with some knowledge on some topic. Simple you can search for more on that specific topic. Explore for the scope in that particular topic. Pick the topic you find your self more comfortable with. I prefer such niche because we would be able to learn and write more easily on such topics. Don’t think of topic which is more more frequently searched or used. For example technology blogs, this has become very common and every body is trying to target this niche. If you choose such topic, get on top of google search would be slightly difficult. So think of topic which is not so much common. I know one of my online friend blogging on topic – food for reptiles. This guys is making 100’s of dollar daily with affiliate marketing though this website.


How to create a Niche website or blogs?

Once you are done with the topic selection, find out the best keywords that will help you drive traffic to your website. Keywords are the building blocks for any website. If you have wrong building blocks, you will end up with just wastage of time. Based on your keywords, get the best domain name and hosting that suits your website. Try to get the domain name in such a way that it includes the keywords in it. This will help in SEO further.

Once you have the domain and hosting up for your website, get the list of keywords prepared using google adwords keyword tool. Try to find out 20-30 keywords that matches your niche market. If is always better to have keywords with low to medium competition and higher cost per click. Higher CPC means, there are advertisers who like to put ads on your niche topics. This helps if you plan to use Google Adsense on your niche site. It can fetch you really good income with higher cpc.

How to create article for niche website or blog?

This is the main part for niche blogging. You will have to create really interesting and quality articles with good SEO optimization. If the optimization is good, your 75% seo work is already completed. Lets start with the steps while creating the niche article.

Step 1: Create an interesting title for your articles with target keyword added in the title.

Step 2: The url of the page will have the target keyword in it

Step 3: Your article must be as lengthy as possible. I have seen people writing 2000+ words in most of their niche blogs. These blogs remain on the top of search engines for most of the time.

Step 4: Your article must have the main keyword and supporting keywords added in proper ratio. The main keyword must be around 1.4-3% of your words count.

Step 5: Add images with alt tag same as your keyword. This is very useful step as you might get good amount of traffic from image search as well.

Step 6: Add titles and sub title in the article with main keyword added in it.

If you follow the above steps, your SEO work will become very easily and traffic will start flowing automatically. I would suggest you to post atleast 20-30 articles to your niche site in first 10-15 days. This will really help to improve your website search ranking and traffic at very faster rate. Initially the rate of article posting must be more like 8-10 articles per week and later on it can be reduces to 2-3 per week. But main sure to keep your website live with fresh content regularly.


How to do SEO for Niche website or blogs?

This step itself is a big topic. But what i would say is, once you follow the above steps you will not need to do more on SEO. Once your article is posted, try to share or get social signals to your site. Sharing on social bookmarking sites will help you a lot. This will further help in fast indexing of your articles.

Apart from the above step, there are many other ways of creating backlinks to your website and pages that will further help in increasing the traffic. try to get some do-follow backlinks through blog commenting and article marketing. This would be enough to get really good amount of traffic to your site. If you are able to get backlinks from website with similar topic as yours, this will give you very good amount of referral traffic and also give good SEO juice to your site through the backlink I have tried these steps and it really helps a lot.

Making money from Niche site

This article i have created by keeping google Adsense in mind. Adsense gives really fair amount of income from Niche blogs. With just 10K traffic monthly and 2-3% CTR, you can make around 400-500$ monthly with 0.15 to 0.5 CPC rate. For niche blogs, the cost per click is really good if you choose the right keywords with medium competition.


In my next article i will try to write about niche blog for affiliate marketing. Niche blog with affiliate marketing can fetch your much more income than Adsense since you get good share of income from the sale.

I hope this article added some information to your brain database. You can work upon it and create an useful niche blog. If you have any query or suggestion, do mention in the comment section below.