How to add business to google maps – Google My Business

Getting your business or add your business on google map or google places is one of the best way to attract more customers and sales. Once you add your business to google maps, when ever some searches for similar business locally, you business will be displayed through google search as shown in below image.

Add business to google maps - Google map listing
Add business to google maps – Google map listing

Here, we are going to see ‘ How to add business to google maps ‘ or ” How to add my business to google maps ‘.

Google Maps feature or google places is not part of Google My Business dash board from Google. Once you are added to Google my business, you can manage and track your business on various google platforms like google maps, google plus, google analytic and adwords.

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How to add business to google maps

Adding your business to google maps is very easy and fast. It mainly consist of 3 steps as described below.

Step 1: Add Business to Google Maps

Step 2 : Confirm your business address

Step 3 : Get customer through Google Maps

Let us discuss the above steps in more details on how to add my business to google maps.

Step 1 – Go to the link for Google My Business. click on the option for get on google button. Once you click on the button, you will land on the search bar for google maps for business. In the search bar, type the most suitable keyword for your business. With that keywords, google maps will display the already registered similar businesses on the google maps as shown in the below image.

Add your business to google maps

The last option on the drop down list is ” Add your Business “. This option will help you to navigate to the add business to google maps. Simply click on this option and the business registration form will open for adding details. I have shown the add business to google maps business details form below.

How to add business to google maps

Now you need to fill the above form in the displayed form. This form will help you to fill the details that needs to be displayed while search in google. The details which you fill in this form will be displayed about your business.

Here you can add the title about your business. Make sure your title includes you main keyword which you want to target. Add your business timing. This helps the customer to know your business timing. Also Make sure your business address is 100% correct along with phone number. This address will be used by google to send the address verification code.

Once you are done with the above step of adding your data to google maps, we can move to the next step. i.e. Address verification by google.

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Step 2 – Google believes in 100% authenticate and real business and people. Once you have added your business in google maps, google need you to verify that your address and business is 100% real and legitimate. This is normally done by sending a code to your business address through postcard. Once you receive the post card, you will find the code given on the card. This you need to add on the google verification option provided on your google business page on Google Maps.


Once you are done with your address verification on google maps for your business, your business is ready to be displayed on the google maps with the relevant keywords about your business. Once you have your business displayed on top position in google maps, your business is definitely going to be a big success. In my next post, i would be covering on how to rank higher on google maps fro your business.

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Please add your suggestion and feedback about your google business on google maps and experience that helps you to gain more profit and exposure for your business through maps.