How do Blog commenting helps SEO and web traffic

Yes, Blog commenting definitely helps in SEO and also helps to increase your website traffic. Now a days, blog commenting is becoming very much common on any website. Blog comments are useful for both, blog owner and the blog commentor as well. Lets us see how it is going to help the webmasters.

How do Blog commenting helps in SEO and web traffic

Why it is necessary to have blog comments on a website?

I am using commentluv for blog commenting features and have being monitoring the effect of having blog comment on my site from few month. I have found some useful data which will help you understand how it really helps to improve your blog posting ranking in the search engine.

At the moment i have some posting which receive atleast 5-6 comment on daily basis. I have seen that, as the number of comments are increasing on the post, the ranking of the page is also improving at a good pace. Earlier there was only 1-2 keywords which were ranking on the 1st page of Google. But to my surprise i found that the ranking of the keywords as well as for other related keywords also it was improving.

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Reason for improvement in traffic and keywords ranking?

Whenever i get any comment on the site, i make sure the comment is related to my blog topic only( spammers are blocked). If the comment has some value or atleast some appreciation 🙂 about the post topic, its very much possible that it gets approved easily. Now since these comments have some valuable information or suggestion related to my topic, it also adds some value to the content of my post. As we know, comments are always considered as part of your post content, if we are allowing only related comments with good value to add and also has related keywords to your topic, then it is possible that the post might get ranked for keywords provided in the comments also. So to sum up all these,  valuable blog comments with related topic helps to improve your blog and post ranking in search engines.

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Disadvantage of adding blog commenting feature on blogs

The only disadvantage which i have seen with blog commenting feature is the broken links. Broken link are very bad for your website. While approving any comment on my website, i make sure that i check the website or url posted by the blog commentor. It is very much necessary that the commenting url must not be from broken, it must be available and working link. We must also keep track of any broken links from our website. It is also possible that once you have approved comment with url, in later period it gets expired or removed. So in such cases, i would suggest to keep track of any broken links and to be removed from time to time.

The other important thing that needs to be controlled is the commenting url or website. It must not be pointing to any website which is not allowed as per Google policy. In such case, i just ensure that comment is adding value to my posting and the url is removed while approving.

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How blog commenting on others site helps in SEO?

My habit of blog commenting on others blogs and websites has helped my blog a lot. I have being getting very good amount of traffic from such blog comment itself. There are many advantages of blog commenting on others website and blogs. But here i am going to share only few which i feel is very much necessary for any blog.

Once i have posted any blog post, I take time to spread this post on as many as other blogs and websites through blog comments.But you must make sure, the blog commenting site is related to your niche only. Now the advantage which i see in this is, my newly posted blog gets indexed in just few hours, receive fair amount of traffic on that blog through referring websites and blog sites.

I have seen that almost all my post rank below 100 for target keyword as soon as they are indexed. After few days of link building through blog comments i am able to improve it further. And with few Do-follow backlinks its much better in ranking..:)

If you are using the above step for Niche blogs, its definitely going to help a lot with tremendous improvement in your keywords and blog ranking. In one of my niche blog, i am getting around 1500-2000 view per months post by just following this simple trick. Just image if you have around 30-35 posting in your niche blog and you get similar traffic for all the posting by simply following these tricks.

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Blog commenting has become very important part of Search engine optimization today. We must not under estimate the benefits of blog commenting in SEO.

Conclusion: To sum up all the above benefits and advantage of Blog commenting on relevant posting and websites is really going to help both the webmasters and blog commentors. We must not forget to add blog commenting to our SEO strategy.

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