As we all know, Guest blogger or guest Blog is one of the most powerful tool while considering SEO for any website.

Guest Blogging has many other advantages. why Guest Blogger prefer guest blogs for SEO

1. Getting Backlinks : Back link are very much important for any website. Here in our Guest blog, one link is allowed in the author bio. rel=”nofollow” tag is being used for all links from external source which includes author’s bio as well.

2. Author bio : All the Guest blog will be posted with Guest blogger login. While the Author details will be provided at the bottom of the post. We also provide separate author login for Blogger contributing more than 5 guest blog a month.

3. Drive Quality Traffic : Traffic is one of the most important aspect of blogging. Thus by submitting guest blog here you will be able to drive traffic and exposure to your sites at large scale.

4. Be Popular : Guest Blog makes you popular, we have thousand of visitor viewing your guest blog. They come to know about you through this guest blog. This helps in your popularity.

5. Promotion : Your guest post will be promoted on various social networks and we will maximize our efforts to improve your brand.


We have certain Guidelines for Guest Blogger on this website that needs to be followed

1. Original Content: The content which you submit here will be 100% unique with your authorship

2. Word counts: The content will have nearly 700-800 words  depending on the topic and detailing you looking to provide.

3.Copyright: Your article must be original and should not be posted anywhere else on web.

4. SEO Friendly: The article should be well formatted with SEO rich content and keywords should related to your topic.

5. Comments: Comment makes the blog more interactive and helps to give more exposure to the Author and also to your post. Please try to respond and reply to all the comments and email posted to the blog.

6. Affiliate link: Direct Affiliate links are not allowed to be inserted anywhere in the blog content.

7. Image and Video: All the Image and Video will be hosted on your database. Where ever necessary you will provide the image and video suitable to your content, This will help to make your post more eye catchy.

8. Topics for Guest Blog: Here we accept guest Blog on topics like Making money online, Smart Phone, Internet, Tech, Blogging tips, How to, Gaming, Mobile and PC Apps and Google Adsense. if you have some other topic, do let us know, if suitable we may publish it on our other blog networks.

9. Author Bio: You will add your Author Bio at the end of your post content with valid link to your profile page.

10 Sponsored Post :We are option for Sponsored Blogs as well. This help you to gain added advantage of getting Do-Follow link to your website or any other promotional page.

How to Submit Guest Blog?

1. First of all fill up our Registration form.

2. Now click on Register and a password would be emailed you shortly to login.

3. That’s it! Now you are a subscriber of our site and simply submit the below contact form and i will upgrade your account as contributor so that you can start with Guest Blogging on our site as per the above guest blog guidelines.


You simply need to fill out the below contact form and submit your content as an attachment. After the review is done, we will shortly Contact you or Publish your Guest post at our website.

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