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Google Pagerank update – Is page rank still important for any website?

Google_PagerankThe hot news on the web from last 2 days!!! Google finally updated the Pagerank toolbar, the most awaited one from last page rank update in February 2013.

The question arising in the minds of most of the newbie and webmasters will be like;

What is Google pagerank?

How to check PR or check Google Pagerank?

Is Google Page rank update really going to affect in anyway?

How to Increase Google Pagerank?

Google PageRank is basically an algorithm formulated by the owners of Google which determines the value of the pages within a website. As per Google, this Page Rank too bar helps them to understand how much important, reliable and authenticate the web pages are with in the website.

How Google determine this page rank?

Google page Rank basically works on the principle of quality backlink. It largely depends upon the number of high quality backlink a website has.  As per Google page rank tool, if your website get more number of high quality backlink from higher authority website or higher Page rank website, than your website gets better position as per Google page rank tool.

There are lots of ways on how you can determine or check Google pagerank for any website. There are lots of Google Pagerank checker websites available on the web. Here are the top 3 websites where you can check pr for your website/blog Google pagerank.


Google Pagerank Checker or PR Checker is free website where you can check the present Pagerank status by just provide your domain name.

2. provides the available information about the website Pagerank. Here you can get badges also for page rank, Alexa, website worth etc.


PR Checker determines if a domain name’s Google Pagerank is valid or fake. To use the Fake PR Checker, type the domain name that you want to check, and then press or click the Check button to check the validity of the domain name’s Pagerank.

The above 3 websites can be used to check the Google Pagerank for your domain.

The Google Pagerank plays some sort of role in deciding the position of a website in search engines. It is one of the 200 most important signals which Google search algorithm uses in deciding the ranking of a website. But from my personal experience and from other webmaster discussion forum, there are many other factors like keyword density and their placement which largely helps in deciding the position of a website in search engines. Therefore we cannot say that Google Pagerank has become irrelevant, but we can surely see that Pagerank is not as much important factor for website ranking as it used to be in earlier days.

Conclusion about Google Pagerank:

The main message would be to we much keep track for the page rank, but should not rely over it for all the ranking, there are many other factor which determines the actual position of your website in search engines. The best suggestion would be to create a good website, user friendly which attracts visitors, SEO friendly for search engines, Quality content posting on regular basis, visiting your Webmaster page for regular updating and analysis about the performance of your website and pages, Optimizing the better performing pages to improve their ranking better for higher position. Try to build good and high quality backlinks from high authority and Pagerank websites. Te best option would be to have guest posting on similar websites. These optimization techniques will help in better keyword ranking and will also help to increase your Google Pagerank.

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  1. Not anymore.

    In the real sense, Page rank has lost its flavour when it comes to website ranking of recent. What works is your page time and other factors like DA and the rest.

    Work on your site and get good results. Not big PR with no value! 😉


    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thanks you very much for your comment!!
      I totally agree with your point. Inspite of being one of the important factor among the 200 signals used by Google in its search algorithm, Its not necessary that you must have very good page rank to rank higher in search engines. I have seen my low page rank website performing really well. What really important is, how well you use the keywords, placement, contents,etc.
      Thanks for the tip Daniel, Have a nice day!!!

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