Google Adsense alternative for 2014 – Make Money Ads

google-adsense-alternativeGoogle Adsense is the highest paying ad network on the web. There is no as such Google Adsense alternative if you comparing its CPM and CPC with others. Google Adsense also has the maximum no of advertise with different niche to match every kind of website. Due to high inventory and advertisers, the competition is high which make the CPC much better for publishers.

Why to look for Google Adsense alternative?

For almost all the websites on the web, while planning for revenue Google Adsense is the first source that comes to the mind. There are so many webmasters looking for Google Adsense, its really hard for Adsense to approve all. Therefore the guidelines from Adsense is bit difficult. Therefore, those not able to make through Google Adsense guidelines, need to go for Google Adsense Alternative.

Top Reason to look for Google Adsense alternative

  1. Failed to get Adsense account due to its tough guidelines
  2. Banned due to Google Adsense policy violation
  3. Getting low CPC ads in your Niche or region
  4. Looking to add more ad network along with Adsense

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The top 2 reasons are the main objective for Google Adsense Alternative. There are lots of options available to replace your Google Adsense ads, you just need to make proper study on which suits your website well with regards to traffic, niche and region.

Some of the best Google Adsense Alternative are below

  1. Yahoo Publishers Network (YPN) : After Google Adsense, YPN is the best in the industry for contextual ads network. It is having lot more top brands ads like its with Google Adsense. The Ad inventory for YPN is not managed by which is also maintaining the inventory for BING Network. The Cost per click for YPN is good for UK/US traffic but cannot beat the Adsense CPC for Asian countries. The approval process is same like Adsense. Its little bit difficult to get through this ad network as well. The average CPC is from 0.03-1$ depending upon the niche and region. The minimum payout is 100$ same like google adsense.
  2. Infolinks Ad Network: Infolink is yet another ad network which can be used to replace Google Adsense or can be used along with Adsense ads. It mainly targets in-text advertising. If you have a pretty good traffic coming to your website, infolinks can fetch you good money. The only point i dont like about infolink is its in-text advertsining form, since it is not so user friendly. Its bit disturbing to the users and can lead to increase bounce rate to your website. The average CPC is 0.001-0.05 depending about the niche and region. The minimum payout is 50$ and easy approval process.
  3. Chitika Ads: Chitika is another very useful and widely used Google Adsense Alternative. The Chitika ads are search query driven, means the ads shown purely based on the search query. If you are starting with a fresh or new website, its better to start with Chitika ads. The approval process is very simple. The CPC is around 0.003-1$ depending upon the keyword and region. Minimum payout is 10$.
  4. BusSellAds allows its publishers to showcase their ad inventory so that advertisers can directory contact the publisher suitable to their niche. is one of the best and favorite ad network for bloggers. Publishers are allowed to bid for their ad space and advertisers need to but that at space on monthly basis.

These are some of the best Google Adsense Alternative which can be used to generate revenue from websites and blogs. Add your comments bellow to add some more Google Adsense Alternative which can be used to replace Google Adsense and help webmasters.