Free WordPress Setup – Get your Free Blog website ready at Zero Fee

Get your Free Blog website Setup, Installed and Running at Zero FEE!!!!

The most often asked question from the newbie bloggers is how to setup free WordPress Website. The main reason for asking this question is, once they become aware about the advantage of having own blog website they start thinking on how to create a free WordPress blog website.

 Most of the newbie users either start using BlogSpot (Blogger) or they just keep searching for the best solution. And at the end they drop the idea of becoming future successful blogger.

As I have shown in my post for Top Highest Adsense earners from India, almost all the top Adsense earners are one of the best bloggers today.  They were also at the same level few years ago but they learnt on how to start a blog.


I know every new blogger is not so good at setting up WordPress, designing the blog layout and Optimizing SEO.

I know you are one of future blogger who is looking for someone who can help you out for this great job. You will be happy to know about my new Service for WordPress setup and Installation for FREE!!!

 How I will help you in this Free WordPress Service?

  1. Install and configure the latest version of the WordPress script available.
  2. Setup the Permalink
  3. Update the user profile
  4. Install and configure the suitable theme as per your niche(FREE theme)
  5. Install the necessary plugins and configured as per the requirement
  6. Install and configure the best SEO plugin for WordPress
  7. Integrate the Google Analytic to your WordPress
  8. Sitemap submission to Google Webmaster for indexing the pages
  9. Important page creation: “About” and “Contact us”
  10. Installing other security, backup and other necessary plugins.

I know you are a new to blogging and cannot invest much into it at the initial phase. Therefore I have taken most of the free services for themes and plugins

This is how you will get you free WordPress website within duration of 48-72 hours.

My service is not only limited to this, I have another very good Offer for you!!!!

Another most important factor which is very much necessary for any blogger to success is proper guidance from a personal mentor or Trainer.

The main responsibility of the Trainer will be;

  1. How to  use WordPress
  2. How to select your topic or niche for blog
  3. How to make the content and make use of the plugins
  4. How to market you blogs effectively
  5. Social Media optimization tips to get more traffic.

I will be you personal trainer for all the above point and will ensure that you really get into WordPress like a successful Blogger and Make money online easily through my tips for making money online easily.

I hope if you get all this Service for FREE, there will be nothing to stop you from achieving your successful blogging carrier.

Now the point comes why I am will do so much for you for free?

As you know, for starting any website you need to have a domain name and a basic hosting server. My service is totally free if you book the domain name using my affiliate link for When you Book this hosting, I will earn some commission from Bluehost for refer you using my affiliate link without any extra charge to you.

Why I am asking you to book from is one of the best Hosting solution providers and also very easy installation and user interface for WordPress. I am also using the same hosting for my blog. I believe to suggest what I have used and much experienced on.

If you don’t have the domain name, you will get it for free along with the hosting account. If you already have it, just send the domain details to me.

Before you proceed further, Please make sure to clear your browser cookies and history.

Once you have cleared the cookies, please click on the below image of Blue host and proceed with your hosting plan booking.


                                                CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR BLUEHOST.COM

Once you are done with the web hosting account, please send me your details;

  1. Your Full Name:
  2. Your Email Address:
  3. Contact address:
  4. Skype /facebook id/Gtalk id:
  5. Bluehost cPanel login details:

After getting you details, I will start with the Setup for your free WordPress website.

If there’s any queries, comments or suggestions do comment below or send me the details via the below contact form. Would be happy to help!!!
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