Free Video Sharing sites list to improve your SEO and traffic


We all know content is the most dominating when talking about SEO. Content along with proper on-page and off page optimization has being the best way of gaining attention of search engines. But apart from these traditional we must always try to diversify our link building strategy. These diversified techniques not only help to gain more valuable backlinks and improve search ranking but also help in attracting more traffic to our website.

What is Free Video Sharing sites?

As per the recent study conducted by comscore, the results are really appealing. Among 182 million internet users in US, nearly 40 billion online videos were attach in month of November. Also the study showed that 85.5 percent of the users watched at least some form of online video with an average length of 5 minutes. So, from this study one thing is pretty sure, video is one of the most popular with the audience on internet. Therefore we can see that videos are also of the best to engage your audience.

So, in this blog we are going to see on how we can try to increase our online traffic using free video sharing sites. If you check online there are many free video sharing sites list which will help you in making your video available online and surely help in improving traffic and SEO as well.

SEO benefits from Video sharing sites

You can use the below list of free video sharing sites to upload and distribute your video along with unique contents for high quality backlinks from high pagerank websites.

Website URL
Alexa Rank
1 9 3
2 9 108
3 8 71
4 8 694
5 8 711
6 8 5434
7 8 168
8 7 5737
9 7 4
10 7 1
11 7 10548
12 7 196
13 7 1060
14 7 345
15 7 1993
16 7 94
17 7 34261
18 6 15058
19 6 3398
20 6 244615
21 6 2764254
22 6 37700
23 6 1341
24 6 59799
25 6 39028

These were some of the top video sharing sites which can be used for video submission or video hosting and gain good quality and high pr backlinks to your product or main page.  These best video sharing sites will help in improving your search ranking and boost traffic to website. If are using some more useful sites that is not listed in the above list of video sharing sites do comment in the below section so that it can be useful to our others as well.

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