Free Search Engine Submission sites list to increase traffic

Search engines are the best way to bring traffic to your website. Therefore it is very important to be indexed and crawled by most of the websites. More your website is indexed and crawled by these free search engines, more the search traffic will drive to your website. The traffic from Search engines are organic and free. Getting traffic to your website without spending any penny is the dream for any webmasters and website owners. Website submission to these free search engine submission sites is the first step in Search engine optimization. Free_search_engine_submission_sites_list Free Search engine submission sites are the best source for such free traffic.  It is necessary that our website is known to these free search engine submission sites. Once the website is submitted to these search engines, the web crawler will crawl the submitted link and other linked pages with it. Therefore submitting your website with these free search engine submission sites is very important. When ever a new page is added, it is always necessary to either link that page with any earlier created page which is already submitted to the search engines or instantly submit it to the below given free search engines submission sites. There are mainly 2 part when discussing about search engines. The web page crawling and indexing.  Search engines normally use search engines spiders or web crawlers which crawl the website and tries to cover most of the pages available on the website. The standard practice is to crawl 1 page and the other pages linked with that page. Therefore it is recommended to consider deep linking for each page. This helps in faster indexing of pages. Once the pages are crawled, these pages are stored in the database of the server in an index form based on the keywords supplied by the contents of the pages. These data from the database are served to the users while they look for the keywords in the search engines. I hope the reason to submit website in search engines is pretty clear now. Lets us check out some free search engine submission sites which we can use to submit our site for faster crawling and indexing. I have tried to list the top free search engine submission sites here.  You can manually visit each site and submit your website in these search engines based accordingly.

Free Search Engine Submission sites

Sr No Search Engine Websites List PR
1 9
2 8
3 8
4 8
5 8
6 8
7 7
8 7
9 6
10 6
11 6
12 6
13 6
14 5
15 5
16 5
17 5
18 5
19 5
20 5
21 4
22 4
23 4
24 4
25 4
26 4
27 4
28 4
29 4
30 4

These are some of the Free Search Engine Submission sites list which you can use to submit your site and help in faster crawling and indexing of your newly created website or web pages instantly. If you have any suggestion or recommendation do let us know in the below comment section. If you like this post, do help to share it in your circle and help to spreed this important list.

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