How to Download and install Whatsapp PC client?


Download and install Whatsapp PC client

By now almost all of us have heard or seen many people using the online application Whatsapp. Your friends might have asked you to join him on Whatsapp, but you don’t know how to get that application running in your PC, Mobile or Tablet. You all know that how fast and good is this software. This app is available for Android, Nokia, iOS, BlackBerry, Window Phones. But there are many phones and operating systems in which this app doesn’t works. But don’t worry because if Whatsapp doesn’t works in your phone then you can use it in your PC. Yes it is true, you can use this app in your PC also through a trick mentioned below. By this article you came to know How to Install and Use Whatsapp in PC using Whatsapp PC Client or wassapp client.  If you are interested in using this app in your computer so use these tricks and enjoy WhatsApp on PC.


How to Install and Use Wassapp PC client using Bluestacks?


1 Firstly download Bluestacks software in your computer.

2. Then type WhatsApp and press Enter Key.

3. After this WhatsApp will appear in the search box and now click one the Install button and install it i your PC.

4. Now sync it with your Google account.

5. Now enter your mobile number and select your country in which you are living.

6. Now you will get a verification code in your mobile through a message.

7. Now type provided verification code and your name in the PC software.

You are now done with a fresh installation of whatsapp pc client.  You’ve learnt to use whatsapp pc client using Bluestacks App Player.


Download Whatsapp PC client using Wassapp

Wassapp is a Low Level Studio’s unofficial Whatsapp PC Client. It works for almost all prevailing Windows OS just like the BlueStack Android emulator.

The only reason I see that you may choose this option to install WhatsApp on PC using Whatsapp PC Client. Unlike an emulator, Wassapp is very easy with the system requirements. I have personally noticed that BlueStack freezes on a PC with low configuration, while Wassapp is comparatively better.

  1. Download Wassapp which is around 11 MB in size from HERE. After downloading, install the package.  As soon as you start the program, you’ll have two options – login from an existing account. If you are already using WhatsApp, then enter your number & password, and you’re done. If not, then register with a new account.
  2. Click the Register button.
  3. Type in your phone number and password.For an Android phone, the password will be same as its IMEI number. Click here to figure out what your IMEI numbers is if you have no idea.For an MAC user, the password will be the MAC’s Wi-Fi address.
  4. Select the mode of verification; either via SMS or a phone call. Hit the Request code button after entering the specified details.
  5. Put in the code you receive from Wassapp. Upon entering the so received code, you will get an auto-generated password. This must be used to log into your account.This way You’ve successfully installed WhatsApp on PC through the Wassapp client. As you finish logging into WhatsApp for PC client, your screen will display a streamlined chat window. The user interface would not look like that in the Android or iPhone; but is quite intuitive to anyone. It comes with all the features as the actual WhatsApp like group chats, smileys, etc. You’ll also be notified of incoming messages as long as the software is running. Hence, it is a full-fledged WhatsApp for PC.

All it takes is about 5 to 10 minutes of time to download and install WhatsApp PC client for a convenient and cozy Wasspp client use.

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