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Does directory submission for SEO still works?

This is very right and valid question in today’s fast changing world of search engine optimization. We see how google keeps changing its tactics for ranking factors so that they are able to keep away from spammers and other unwanted hacks. So today we are going to see if directory submission still works for SEO or not.

Does directory submission for SEO still works

Yes, i would say directory submission still works for SEO if done correctly by following the proper white hat techniques. What does it means by doing it correctly. There are many people who opt for automated directory submission softwares and other stuffs. I would say, these tricks are old now and its only wastage of money and time if we are try any such method.  If you really want to get full advantage of directory submission services, you will have to follow some rules and procedures to make directory submission work for your SEO job.


There are mainly 4 criteria of doing directory submission for SEO and link building.

  1.  Quality website for directory submission: There are tons of website available on the web for directly submission. But after the google update, many of such directory website have becomes just spam website. So, we have to find the quality website for directory submission. Here quality means the reputation of the directory submission website. You have to check whether the website is indexed by major search engines like google, yahoo and Bing. You can check the page ranking and reviews about that website. Some of the websites also offer paid directory submission services. I have seen sometimes these paid website are banned or blocked by google. So please make sure to check the status of the website in google search. If the website is alive in search and you can afford to pay some money, paid directory submission would be good option.
  2. Niche Directory submission websites: This is yet another important factor when considering directory submission of your website. Simple example, if you wish to buy a TV, you will never visit a clothing shop for this. TV can be found on TV selling niche shop. So its very simple, always try to find the niche directory submission which is more relevant to your website category. Once you have found the correct niche directory submission site, make sure you make the directory submission in the correct sub category also. Sub category is one level down within your niche topic.
  3. Variety in directory submission: When you make the directory submission in various free directory submission websites, make sure you mix your title, meta details and keywords. You can choose set of keywords that you can use for these submission. Try to make the submission with mix of titles, meta details, keywords and with more contents. More the contents you have, its more easier to explain about your product or the website. This would surely help in getting your more traffic and also good ranking.
  4. Timely Directly submission: When we proceed with the directory submission process, we have to make sure that the submission process looks very natural in fact it must be in a natural way. And when we say natural way, it means at correct pace and manually. We must not make bulk of submission in few days than than nothing. In such case, the submission links would look like a spam. SO the natural way is to follow correct pace and try to make the submission on regular basis. This will help to give smooth and steady growth in link profile.

So this is what i think we must consider while considering directory submission for SEO and link building. I have being following this same process and it really helps a lot for my most of the niche sites.

If you have any suggestion about directory submission process that can further enhance ranking and improve the results, do suggest in the below comment section.

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