How Directory Submission help SEO to increase web traffic in 2014

directory-submissionWeb Directories are online resources where information about products and services are made available categorically. Before search engines come into existence, these web directories were used for find information and services. Even after the search engines come into use, web directory serves as a huge data base for the search engines to show relevant results into their search engines. Directory Submission to such web directories has always played a very important role in SEO and increasing web traffic.

In recent months, the use of directory submission has increased a lot so as to receive good SEO value to the submitted websites in search engines. This has also led to many unethical ways of receiving high value backlinks to increase web traffic through SEO. Therefore many directory submission websites were penalized in order to avoid such unethical ways used for just SEO purpose. While there are many other SEO Web Directory Submission sites which still have good value in terms of Web directories with high PageRank. Some of the High PR Free directory submission sites which are still working well for SEO are;Free Directory Submissions

AllFreeThings (Page Rank 4) :

FreePRWeb Directory (Page Rank 6):

TravelTourismDirectoryInfo (Page Rank 6):

SoMuch(Page Rank 6):

HighRankDirectory (Page Rank 6):

SubmissionWebDirectory (Page Rank 6):

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The above sites are few working web High PageRank directory submission sites list. There are many other websites which you can find for free directory submission.

The recent action from Google to penalize these spam directory submission websites has raised the question of relevancy of directory submission for SEO. But as we said above, there are still many websites which still work well to give well SEO value. The best directory submission websites are the ones which are not just for SEO, but are there to provide useful information about the websites to its users. Before submitting a website to any directory submission

Another very important aspect of Directory submission is manual submission and manual approval for submitted link authentication and relevancy. There are many websites for manual directory submission services which help for good quality backlinks and drive more website traffic.

As we know manual directory submission is the best option to drive traffic as well as SEO juice, there are certain points to be checked before starting with this process;

  1. How old is the directory submission site?
  2. What is the Pagerank of the directory submission? Higher the PR, better is the result.
  3. If it free of charge or paid one. Free ones are better than paid ones.
  4. No. of incoming link to the directory submission site.

Directory Submission isn’t an easy piece of cake. Many hours of labour and proper planning has to be there for the desired results. So always go for the well-reputed and professional SEO experts. For example, you can consider the directory submission service offered by directorymaximizer. The services offer by directorymiximizer is 100% manual web directory submission service.

The link building Services offered by Directory Maximizer consist of;

  1. General Directory Submission
  2. Premium Directory Submission
  3. Custom List Submission
  4. Local Directory submission
  5. Niche Directory Submission
  6. Guest Blogging

The advantage of using Directory Maximizer are;

  1. 100% Manual Submission
  2. Manage Directory emails
  3. Quality directory list
  4. Pay as You go, No monthly fixed charge
  5. Have complete control on type of directory to be used for submission
  6. Manage multiple sites from single account.

The pricing for the directory submission services starts at 14 cents per submission which is really very affordable in comparison to the time, planning and labour work required during self submission process. You get a permanent one-way link from cache, indexed and SEO friendly web directories.

Directory Maximizer has tied up with 100 top paid directories with PR 3 to PR7 to provide you good quality back link and drive massive traffic.

To start with the Directory Submission service at Directory Maximizer, click on the below image and check out the prices which matches you requirement. I have being using the service of directory maximizer for nearly 1 year now. Its really worth using for Directory and Social Bookmarking at affordable rate.


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