Youtube tricks to make your video watching experience simpler

YouTube now-a-days is very popular and every one of us use it every day. Today I have compiled a list of cool YouTube tricks that would help you a lot and make your video watching experience even simpler.


Setting a Start-up Time

Many times you like a certain portion of a video that you want to share with your friends, but you want them to start watching that video from a certain time. Then you have no option but to inform them to watch that video from some time.

But YouTube has a feature that enables you to start watching a video from a particular time. I will explain this in a better way by taking an example.

Let’s assume that you are watching a video on YouTube and you find the video amazing 51 seconds onwards. You can just tweak a little bit in this video url and the video will start from that specific time.

Suppose you have a video url ( you can simply add “&t=00m50s”, so the final url will look something like this ( You may understand this better by looking at the following image.

Auto Replaying Videos

Sometimes you want the video to play again and again. For instance you are listening to a song that you like very much and you want that song to play over and over again, you can do that easily, all that you have to do is, you just have to tweak the url a bit and your job is done.

For example you want a video say ( to play again and again then you just have to replace with

The modified url would look something like this (

You will be redirected to a different website and the video that you are watching will be replayed. I know that most people don’t want to go to other website by I guess that’s the only way you can play YouTube video repeatedly.

Buffering Video on Low Internet Speeds

YouTube recently has laid more emphasis on making videos available in slow internet connections. There is a feature called the Feather Beta which allows you to buffer YouTube videos even if you browsing with a very slow speed. Feather Beta limits the browsers speed and puts all the connection speed in buffering of the video. That allows you to watch videos even on slow connections.

Searching For the Right Keyword

YouTube is immense with millions of videos on it. Many times you may get thousands of search result for a particular keyword and you still are not able to find the right video. YouTube has a feature that allows you to search for the right keyword. You just have to enter “allintitle:” before the keyword that you are searching. This will make you to search for the right keyword. Your final search would look something like this “allintitle:youtube features”.

Playing Video in HD Every Time

If you have a very high internet speed and you want the videos to stream in HD. YouTube by default loads the video in low quality to load the videos faster. But you can enable HD video playback by installing a simple plugin in your browser. The name of the plugin is “Magic Actions”, that will allow you to auto play videos in HD, and it would enable HD playback at all times.

These were some of the YouTube tricks and tips that would come out to be very useful to you. If you know about some other cool YouTube tricks or features please share it with everyone by leaving a comment.

Author Bio: Myself Vipul Behl, an engineering student from Computer science with specialization in Open Source Software and Open Standards. I like to design and develop websites, reviewing latest technologies and blogging. During my leisure time i enjoy music and playing drums is one of my best hobby. You can read my blog at get in touch with me at Google Plus