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On August 4, 2014
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If you are looking for the best responsive wordpress themes for your blog, Tesla Theme will be the best options for your wordpress blog websites due to its many features and advantages. The design is clean, flexible, and has a fully responsive. Check out for all the available themes.

Once we have the wordpress blog website ready with domain name and hosting, the search starts for the best wordpress themes to suite your blog niche and category. Best WordPress themes are very much important since it only gives the first impression to the customer. We should always try to find a wordpress theme which is clean, easy to navigate with best user interface. The advantage of having best wordpress themes is you will be able to retain more viewer to your website and in return good sale and revenue.

Before selecting the best wordpress themes, we must finalize the theme category. Like its meant for news, movies, fashion, money making or just a personal blog. There are many option available for each type on the web. Here i am going to discuss mainly about the premium themes which are really tried and tested for better result and revenue.

Mostly there are 3 type of blog websites and based on these category we must find the best wordpress themes suitable to our blog.

1. Informational Blogs for Knowledge sharing

If your plan is just for information and knowledge with no interest in revenue, would i would suggest you to go for free wordpress themes available on the web. There are tons of free wordpress blog themes which wont charge a single penny. For free wordpress themes there are certain limitations, like there are chance of bugs, issue in some codes or updates. There is very limited or no support for free themes.

So if you can afford to spend some $$, i would suggest to go for premium theme due to its tremendous advantages. The premium wordpress themes have many advantages over the free wordpress themes like premium customer support, no bugs and with latest updates for issues and the most importantly its search engine friendly scripts.

2. Best WordPress themes for Niche Blog with Adsense

This is very important point when it comes to revenue generation using your wordpress blog website. The revenue generation are mainly from ad networks like Google adsense, or some other Ad network. In such cases we must have best wordpress themes which are optimized for displaying your ads in better way and to give more ad clicks. More the ads clicks, better is the revenue.

CTR Theme is one of the most widely used wordpress theme for websites looking to generate revenue using Google Adsense or other contextual ad networks. This theme is designed by keeping mind the ad placement and aims at higher click through rate(CTR). This Adsense WordPress theme has much more control over the ad placement and more importantly the ads will vary position each time the page is refreshed. The ads will popup at different position each time the visitors visits your wordpress page. This strategy is known for increasing your Ads Click through ratio.

Another advantage of using this best wordpress theme is that it keeps your Adsense account in good condition. As well know, Google is very much cautious about click bombing and other fraud issue which results in account blocking permanently. This CTR theme ensures that your site is fraud click proof and protect your account from disabling. This is also one of the reason why people love to use this CTR theme for showing ads on their wordpress blog website.

CTR theme is available for just $67, which is nothing when it comes to Google Adsense earning and fraud click protection features. They also offer 60 days money back guarantee. To download this theme click on the below tab and check for the more features on the CTR theme website.

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3. Best WordPress themes for Niche Professional Blogs

best-WordPress-ThemesProfessional blog websites are mainly used for companies and firms for profiling their Company business and their services. Here the main intention is to make the website look professional. The websites can be of different categories like Sports, Travels, Tourism, Magazines, Cooking and recipes, eCommerce, Music, Movies, News Portals, IT Company, etc.

Today people prefer to have responsive theme. They are much better in look, theme design, search friendly that works better with Desktop as well as mobiles. In such case  i would suggest to go for TESLA Themes.

If you are searching for the best wordpress themes for your blog website, you are definitely going to love the themes from TeslaThemes. Their themes are really unique with many advantages. You can check out their best wordpress themes by clicking on the below link. Some of the beautifully designed wordpress themes at Tesla themes are SPORTIFY, YOPTA, SEVENFOLD, ZERO, ZEON, LOVERS, NOVELTY, ZOOMY,etc.

Like other wordpress themes, Tesla Themes uses their own framework – TESLA Framework which is a powerful tool that includes all the great features and allows to easily optimize the design and functionality of your wordpress themes.

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Final Words

Depending upon your blog category you can choose the best wordpress themes to suite your website. Websites look, interface, search friendly and responsive design are some of the main things to check. Tesla themes will be the best suggested wordpress theme to use for your professional or business blogs with its set of 27+ themes designs for just $49.

If you are looking for the best responsive wordpress themes for your blog, Tesla Theme will be the best options for your wordpress blog websites due to its many features and advantages. The design is clean, flexible, and has a fully responsive. Check out for all the available themes.