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what is the best web hosting site? – Bluehost Review

How to decided which is the best web hosting site for your newly launched website? Today there are many web hosting sites and best web hosting company which offer many benefits and features one over the other. Now the question come,

what is the best web hosting site ?

How to choose the best hosting site for website?

what is the best web hosting site

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Today i am going to share about the best web hosting site which i am much aware off, and it covers all the necessary requirement for any website. Apart from these mandatory requirements, it offers many other added advantages which can help you to boost your website ranking, help in many other ways to make your website a success.

The Best Web Hosting Site – Bluehost

I have being using Bluehost from nearly 6 years now since i started with blogging and other niche websites. I have being suggestion this web site hosting company to most of my customers and reader who plan to make their website a real success. When i say SUCCESS, it means you plan to take you website or blog to much higher level so that you can make real good money from it.

Some facts which makes BLUEHOST one of the best web hosting sites

  1. Bluehost is used by million of users. This number goes on increasing just because of the best service support and best features from Bluehost.
  2. Bluehost is the officially recommenced best web hosting site for wordpress site and blogs. Nearly 850,000 wordpress users already on Bluehost and increasing.
  3. Top Rated company for best web hosting site all over the world. It has got five star rating.
  4. Hosting charge is as low as 3.95$ per month, in fact its less than a movie ticket.
  5. One click install feature for wordpress users. This one click install feature helps you get your wordpress website ready in few steps within a few mins. For me it took only 5 minutes to install my wordpress site once the account is setup.
  6. The company uses modern quad servers, mirrored backups, backup generators and 24/7 monitoring by their trained staffs. All of this is to ensure that their service remains at an optimum level.

Some of the other great features and that makes it highly recommended web hosting site is its simplicity to use and tons of other features available in the cPanel.

  1. You get 1 Free Domain with you hosting plan. If you need more domain, you just need to pay around 12$ per domain.
  2. You get UNLIMITED bandwidth and UNLIMITED storage space for can host unlimited websites.
  3. The customer support is available round the clock to help you in case of any issue. This makes it my favorite feature from Bluehost. I have contacted nearly 5-6 time in last 6 years, and i really appropriate their support with timely response.
  4. You get free 75$ advertisement credit from Adword that can be used for advertising your website.
  5. The up time for the server is excellent. In case if they have any planned maintenance shutdown for up gradation, it is well intimated in advance. These shutdown are to update the servers for security threats. This helps to keep our data more secure.
  6. You get a bunch of other applications required for blogging or web designing and development via the cPanel login.
  7. Collection of various tools and application like for SEO tools, security tools, various programming tools and many more other application.
  8. Step by Step Tutorials for installation support available for each and every application.

These are some of the features that makes bluehost top rated among all other best web hosting site. If you really dream to start with your online business that can earn you good income, simply click on the below banner and book your best hosting plan with free domain and start you website.

I also offer online website setup support for my website users, so if you find any kind of issue or need any support for your blog or website setup just write to me via the contact page or comment in the below section, i will get back to you very soon to help you.

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