How to become a ProBlogger in simple steps

As I explained in my last blog about the Top Highest Google Adsense earners from India, Most of these Top Earners are ProBlogger. When I started with my blogs, there are certain points which I learned from these great guys. I hope you all will also like to know what these guys did to become a proBlogger. I have always seen people asking these questions in various forums and guest comments to provide some detailing on how to become a proBlogger. What exactly the term proBlogger specifies. My Mind was moving around these questions; based on my experience, I would like to figure out this question as best as I can.


Who are proBlogger?

ProBlogger are the bloggers on the web who have gain the authority of blogging for particular niche. They are expert in certain topic and they blog about the same topic. I would like to give a simple example, lets consider Amit Agarwal, the owner and founder of He is one of the top ProBlogger from Indian. The reason how he was able to achieve that level was his expertise in blogging on topics he has mastered. I am a regular visitor of his website. Now point is, no one will like to visit a website just because he likes that website, it about the quality of content which that website or blogger provides. This is how you gain that level of Professional Blogger.


What they exactly blog?

ProBlogger are always blogging on the topic they have mastered and have full control. For example, one day you blog on topic like ‘How to make money online easily’ and next day you blog on topic like ‘How to sell green tea easily’. One person cannot be expert in all the topics, even if he tried to be, he cannot gain that level of Authority to become a Professional Blogger on all the topics. I would suggest to stick to the niche you think you can blogs better, reply better, help better and earn better. This is what exactly the proBlogger do. They stick to their favorite topic.

Another most important point is to be regular on your job. This is basics part although many bloggers do forget to do that on daily basis. Keep your blog updated on daily basis.

What is the advantage of being a ProBlogger?

Today every Blogger wants to become a proBlogger, the main reason behind is, as I stated above, they have the authority of particular niche. When you are a proBlogger, people like to listen, read, comment and subscribe to your blogs, Newsletters and many more. These points are very important for any blogger since it help to increase your visitor and also online earning.

I hope this information was helpful to get the idea about ProBlogger. Just follow the above rules, maybe you can also become a part of the ProBlogger list.

The above post is based on are my personal experience and learning from the online resources. If you have some more relevant points, do post in our below comment section.