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On July 25, 2014
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If you are looking for Backlink checker, go for it. Go for the free Trail version for 1 month.
It will help you to get the best backlinks working for your website while removing the bad ones. This could be one of the most valuable tool to add to your SEO toolbox.

In present SEO world, Backlinks play very important role in deciding your website ranking in SERP. The popularity of a website is decided by the number of backlinks linking back to your website. Based on this backlinks the search engines will decide how high or low a website must rank in search result. Therefore it is very important that we use best backlink checker tool to track the backlinks pointing to our website. Backlinks checker help in improving our SEO in many ways.

There are many backlink checker tools available on the web, but i have being using monitorbacklink from last 1 months and really very satisfied with its features. I had being using other free backlink checker tools available online, but there are always some limitation for those tools. But with Monitor Backlink, its very much simplified with almost all the required features know about the backlinks from SEO point of view.


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Features expected from free Backlink Checker tool

Backlink checker websites offer many features, but the most important ones are those which are helpful in our SEO campaigning and to give fast results. We also need to know about bad backlinks to our websites. Bad backlinks have very negative impact on SEO. Therefor we need to know about such bad backlinks using these online backlink checker websites so that we can disallow them though our Google webmaster tool.

Some of the most commonly required features;

  • Link status – nofollow or dofollow.
  • PR of the domain where the link is located.
  • Anchor Text.
  • Targeted page on our website from referral website
  • The page where backlink is located
  • Page Rank, Country and IP of the referring website
  • Internal and External outbound links
  • Google indexing status for backlink

All these features are integrated with the monitor backlink checker tool as well. This really makes it the king of all the backlink checker softwares.


How to Start with Monitor Backlink Checker

This is one of the easiest software to use for backlinks. You simply need to follow 3 steps;

  1. Click here and you will be redirected to the free trail signup page.
  2. Add your domain name. Here you need to provide the url which you are looking to monitor
  3. It will ask you to sync your Google analytic account with the dashboard.

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3 Main reasons why to use Monitor Backlink checker

There are many advantage of using the Monitor backlink checker tool. The top 3 reasons which motivated me to use this software was;

  1.  There is a regular check for any new backlink point to your website. If any new backlink is found pointing to your website, you will get an email notification with the detail mentioning the backlink url, page targeted on your website and the link status for that backlink – follow or nofollow.
  2. We always put lots of efforts for creating a backlink. Sometimes we also go for paid posting or guest blogging. It is always better to know the exact status of such backlinks since we get them through very hard word and also expensive. We always expect such backlinks to be there till they are useful for our website. Using this backlink checker software we can keep a track record about their status. Any change in the backlinks behavior can be seen through this software.
  3. Knowing the competitor is also one of the lessons learn while doing sales. So we would like to know what our competitors are doing and how they are try to improve their business. this really helps in deciding our strategy. Using the Monitor Backlink checker tool, we can keep a track record of their backlink pattern as well. If they are getting and new backlink, we will get notified by an email. this will help in deciding our further marketing and SEO activities.

Final Words about Monitor Backlink Checker

So from my experience, Monitor backlink could be one of the most useful tool in your SEO process. It will help you to save your time and money. Give you complete details about your backlinks on daily basis with automatic update. To start with, get their 30 days free trail version which allows you to monitor upto 2 websites. You simply need to add your domain and begin right away.

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