Dev-Pandey-TechWorldHi, this is Dev Pandey from Mumbai. I am the founder and editor of this TechWorld Blog sites, apart from this website, i have couple of other blogging site as well . I have being blogging on various topics like Internet and Technology, Making Money online, Blogging ideas, tips and tricks, SEO and SMO tips, etc. I have being blogging and working as freelance for SEO and SMO and website designing. Apart from Blogging, I like to help newbie in understanding the blogging world and other techniques which can help them to take their Blog or website to next level. I also like to support online webmaster and website owners for SEO and SMO related activities for Keyword ranking and traffic generation.

My Interested topic for blog includes – Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, SEO and SMO, Technology, Blogging Tips, Making Money ideas and Niche Marketing.

If you wishes to contact me, just submit your query on the contact page and self would reply as soon as possible.