7 ways you are killing your technology


Technology is expensive, and even the cheap items are expensive because they are easier to break and have to be replaced more often as a result. Many people are guilty of not taking proper care of their technology and even more people are guilty of not backing up their files. The NSA or FBI may be recording your every move, but they are not going to send you a backup copy when your device goes haywire. Here are seven of the most common ways that people damage their own technology through simply being thoughtless.

1 – Turning off your PC/laptop and then turning it straight back on again

Have you noticed how when you restart your laptop or your PC that the device will spend a second or two powered down? This is because there are very large capacitors and charged elements in your devices. They need a little moment to discharge so that there is no damage when the device is turned back on again. Obviously, you do not have to wait over 60 seconds as you did with the Amiga, but forcing a shutdown and then pressing the button immediately after in order to turn it on is a very bad idea.

2 – The damp, the humidity, and the wetness!

These are slow killers of technology. They stop things working with a flash, but it takes months to happen. Still, once it happens, your technology is broken and broken forever. Damp areas are going to slowly infect your device until it does not work properly. Humidity can do the same, or simply getting it wet and not allowing it sufficient time to dry out.

3 – Not following the startup instructions to the letter

This happens with all sorts of things and people are so silly about it that they do not realize they are making a mistake. This goes from the people who go too fast with their new cars, to people who do not fully charge up their electric toothbrush before its first use. Technology is both sophisticated and primitive at the same time. For example, if you do not charge the battery of a device exactly right on the first charge, then it could significantly shorten the life of the battery you use.

4 – Overcharging, undercharging, running flat and not caring

Overcharging is still a big problem with modern technology. It still happens all the time and there is so little we can do about it. The best thing is to just be vigilant of how long your device has been charging for. Running the battery flat is a good idea, but leaving it flat for a long time is going to damage the battery. Simply not caring about battery care to the point of never reading the instructions on how to care for your battery is also another thing that damages your phone.

5 – Resting your laptop on your carpet, bare skin or your bed

You would be a fool if you put your PC tower in direct sunlight to get warm, so why is it such a surprise when laptops overheat. They get very warm on the bottom, and the fan pushing air out of the side is hardly sufficient enough on to keep it cool. That is why you need to give the laptop something cold to rest on, or enough air flowing underneath. Material is an insulator, especially if that material is part of your bed. If you rest it on your lap, then you are resting it on a warm surface, which is just silly.

6 – Never powering down and/or never maintaining your laptop/PC

Your laptop and/or PC is supposed to go off. Those in offices that never seem to go off are still powered down and turned off at night. You are supposed to turn it off for periods of time, and you are supposed to maintain it too so that it runs efficiently.

7 – Knocking it and carrying it around without a case

If you had taken the time to build your electronic device, then you would not be as rough with it. The many electrical components and internal technologies are delicate. Sure, they are not as brittle as they used to be in the good old days, but they are still not as knock resistant as you think. Make a point of being a little more careful, and do not carry your goods without a case.

People put their tablets into a bag along with their other things and think that it is sufficient. It is not and your gadgets and technology are being damaged as a result. Sure, putting your phone into a bag may be okay, but if you knock the bag then you are going to damage your phone too.